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Exoter (Exoter.txt)

The aim of the game is to escape from the castle Exoter.

Examine the corpse and find the file, which přepiluješ grille. Sweep aside. Then head up and
further south. The ladder and go out for an ax. Go back to the north and head east. Along the way,
pick up the torch and kill the guard with your ax. Thoroughly search the slain guard and find a
tinderbox and a bunch of keys. Come back towards the ladder and on the south by keys open the iron
door. Behind them you find the first jewel. Go back to the slain guards behind him unlock the door.
Put a bunch of keys and keep going east, south and at the well head to the east and up the stairs.
Explore charred paper with an ax and smash the ball. Give to the east and up into the tower. Stretch
the hole and go north to the west, where Explore the chest. Here you will find the rope. Jump from
the tower into the haystack. Flint burn the hay and then the torch. Put tinderbox and pick up the
needle with which to return to the well. Rope tied to the well to head to the bottom. There you will
find the second gem. Get out of the well and put down the torch. Go to the broken ball and soak in a
pool of poison needle. Go east, south and poisoned needle injects a sleeping dragon. Utni ax his
head. Put down the ax and needle. Grab the head and to the south you will find the third jewel. Go
north, east and down. Just entice a hungry dog ​​on a dragon's head. To the east, you will
find the fourth gem. Go back to the well and four diamonds can pass through the gateway to the
south. You escaped from the castle Exoter and congratulations followed.


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