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Haunted Mansion (Haunted_Mansion.txt)

Haunted Mansion (John O'Hare)

Note: Some times a threatening little ghost will appear and start 
attacking you. When you get the magic gun you can shoot the ghost 
(although sometimes you will miss). Save the game when the ghost appears 
and reload until you manage to kill it. If the ghost kills you first you 
will be sent to LIMBO - from where you can continue the game, but you 
will lose points and be unable to finish the game with a full score.  

w, w, open mailbox, look, get keys, get letter, read letter, drop 
letter, s, open door, s, e, s, s, e, n, open desk, look, get gun, get 
paper, read paper, drop paper, s, s, w, get mink, e, get rug, n, w, s, 
get red, read red, drop red, get green, read green, drop green, get 
blue, read blue, say cbm, n, w, s, get watch, get painting, n, e, n, w, 
get wallet, n, get candlesticks, w, n, drop mink, drop rug, drop gold, 
drop watch, drop painting, drop wallet, drop candlesticks, s, e, s, u, 
get cross, e, n, get potion, s, w, n, get bond, s, s, get pet, n, w, s, 
w, u, open trapdoor, u, e, s, open trunk, look, get coins, n, get 
jewels, w, d, d, e, get necklace, get pillow, n, e, d, n, w, n, drop 
coins, drop jewels, drop necklace, drop pillow, drop pet, drop bond,
s, e, e, e, get vial, get flashlight, w, get knife, get bigmac, move 
rug, look, open trapdoor, down, on flashlight, drop keys, w, w, s, get 
bottle, w, w, s, get wine, n, e, e, s, move coffin (a vampire jumps 
out), stab vampire, move coffin, look, drop cross, enter passage, s, e, 
give potion, e, n, shoot goblin, n, w, get ruby, e, e, e, e, s, get 
mask, n, w, w, w, s, s, e, s, drop bigmac, get pearl, n, d, d, d, get 
diamonds, drink liquid, e, w, w, s, drop mask, drop ruby, drop pearl, 
drop diamonds, drop knife, drop wine, s, e, s, u, w, n, get medal, s, e, 
d, n, w, n, drop medal, score (you win)

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