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Gunslinger (Gunslinger.txt)

Walk Through by Dorothy Millard (C64 Version)

(Start stranded in the desert and you are given a lift into Dawson City), N, 
N, W (Crazy Horse Saloon), N (poker table), GAMBLE (there are two aces of spades, 
so the man must be cheating), KILL MAN ("You just killed Jessie Dalton - caught 
him cheating I'll Bet," says the sheriff), GET MONEY (you pick up your winnings 
- all 30 cents of it), S, E, S, S, S (south end of Dawson Street), W (stage 
office), BUY TICKET, GET TICKET, E, RIDE STAGECOACH (you are attacked enroute 
to Carson and finish up at a dried out riverbed).

GET FLINT, E, E (old Spanish well), LOOK IN WELL (it's full to the brim with 
crystal clear water), N, N, W (collapsing hotel), U, W (empty room), GET MIRROR 
(cracked), E, D, E, N, N, W (empty sheriff’s office), GET POSTER, READ POSTER 
("Wanted: Horace Dalton" - and you see a picture of the ugliest man you've 
ever seen), E, N, N, N, N, GET KEG (of gunpowder), S, S, S, S, S, S, S, S, 
S (to where a dam blocks the river), EXAMINE KEG (high explosive... handle 
with care... a fuse sticks out of the top), LIGHT FUSE, PUT KEG ON DAM, N (nearby 
there is a large explosion and you are showered with debris), LOOK IN WELL 
(it's dry), D (bottom of the well).

N, DIG WITH PICK (you break off a small shard of crystal), GET CRYSTAL, EXAMINE 
CRYSTAL, DROP PICK, S, LIGHT LAMP, W, S, RIDE CAR (it gradually gains speed), 
WAIT, WAIT, WAIT (you are going too fast to clear the bend ahead), USE BRAKE 
(made it), WAIT (you are approaching a bright orange bumper), USE BRAKE (you 
are thrown off), DROP LAMP, U (air shaft), U (ledge overlooking a camp), CLIMB 
CLIFF (you clamber down to the sealed mine entrance).

S, S, S, S, S, S, S, S, E (weatherbeaten shack), OFFER CRYSTAL TO MAN (the 
old prospector offers his sluice box), GET BOX, EXAMINE BOX (used for sluicing 
gold from rivers), W, W, W (small stream), SLUICE WATER (you find a golden 
nugget), GET NUGGET, EXAMINE NUGGET (worth a fortune), E, E, E (back to shack), 
OFFER NUGGET TO MAN (you buy Mabel, his mule), RIDE MULE, W, DROP FLINT, DROP 
BOX, N, N, N, N, N, N, N, N (mine entrance), U (the sure-footed donkey 
successfully winds her way up the cliff), E, D (Mabel carries you down the 
vertical cliff face to a valley), DISMOUNT.

N, N (Indian camp), N, N (chief's tepee), OFFER POSTER TO CHIEF (the medicine 
man thinks you have captured a man's soul and regards it as a great gift), 
OFFER MIRROR TO CHIEF (he accepts your gift and offers you their war canoe 
in return), S, S, E, E, E (river bank), UNTIE CANOE (you step in and push off 
- you are drifting down the river), WAIT, WAIT (a gunman is about to shoot 
you), DUCK (Horace Dalton misses, but what's that rumbling sound?... look at 
the graphic, quick), GRAB BRANCH (you hoist yourself to safety as your canoe 
and Horace's go over the edge of the waterfall… you are on a Prairie), E, E, 

N (fort), W, N, W (warehouse), GET FUSE (it is very difficult to carry), WEAR 
FUSE (you wrap it around like a belt), E (northwest courtyard), WAIT (many 
times until you are thrown into the stockade for "Conspiring with Indians"), 
WAIT (until a spoon and bowl are thrown in), GET SPOON, GET BOWL, EAT STEW, 
DROP BOWL (hold on to that spoon though), WAIT (until a cigarette is thrown 
in), GET CIGARETTE (now look at the graphic... see that pipe), CLIMB PIPE (to 
the bars of your window), DIG BARS WITH SPOON (you gouge out large chunks of 
the rotten wall leaving an opening large enough to pass through), GO OUTSIDE 
(you are now on a wall and soldiers are approaching from east and west), TIE 
FUSE TO WALL (you drop it over the edge), D (the soldiers are preparing to 
descend your makeshift rope), LIGHT FUSE (using your lit cigarette).

N, E, ENTER TRAIN (the train will shortly slow down and you hear footsteps 
approaching... notice that ladder in the graphic), U (roof of train - someone 
else is here... it's Luke Dalton who recognises you as Kip Starr... now, is 
that a bridge behind him?), WAIT (you fight with Luke on the roof for awhile), 
D (just in time... Luke is splattered by that bridge as you descend safely... 
you collapse in utter exhaustion... hours later you are awakened by the 
screaming of the train's brakes), OPEN DOOR, GO OUT (train station).

E (desert), E, N, N (Tijuana), N, N (central plaza), N, N, N, E (local prison), 
E (cell), TALK TO MAN (he tells you that you can have his Winchester and Rowdy, 
his horse, as he is doomed for the gallows), W, W, S, S, S, S, S, W (stable), 
GET RIFLE, RIDE HORSE, E, E, N (back alley), DISMOUNT, W, N, E (hotel lobby), 
U (empty room), LOOK WEST (you can see the gallows from here), WAIT (many times 
until the bell rings at noon, and James Badland is dragged to the gallows), 
SHOOT ROPE (James is freed), JUMP SOUTH... you land on Rowdy where you left 
him earlier... you collect James and ride off through Tijuana to Tombstone 
in Arizona where you meet the remaining three Dalton boys at the OK Corral... 
they draw... you and James quickly outshoot them... the three Daltons are dead).


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