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Bedlam (Bedlam.txt)


Walkthrough courtesy of Sean Murphy (

There are three possible endings to Bedlam and which one will work is 
chosen randomly at the beginning of each game.

1) The Storage Shed with the Green Door
In order to win the game this way, you must collect the following items: 
Blue Pill, Red Key (Use the hook to get it out of the hole), Meat (from 
the refrigerator), Green Key. The hardest part is getting the green key 
from the electrotherapy room with the Nurse who likes to strap you down 
and zap you. What you have to do is get injected by the crazy doctor so 
that every move you make produces a second, random move. When you get 
into the electrotherapy room, grab the key and hope that the random move 
takes you back out of the room. If not, you'll get zapped and have to try 
again. Once you have the key, find the dog, put the blue pill in the 
meat, feed the meat to the dog.
You may have been sane when you entered the place, but after the 
injection you are far from fine. Of course, if you type 'Plugh' you'll be 
restored to normal.
Other Solutions
According to David:
"Bedlam seems to be random in that each time you load the game a 
particular solution is chosen and (as far as I can tell) that is the only 
one that will work. You have to try each of the three solutions until one 
works. Basically, if the dog does not die when you feed it the meat then 
look for the secret door and painted door solutions:

2) The Secret Door
- Open all green and blue doors, unlock and open all red doors to 
find all the characters (Houdini, 'Real Doctor', Napoleon, XRay 
Johnson, Merlin, Picasso). 
After you have done this
- Type 'examine room' in all of the rooms and in one room you will 
get the message: there is a secret door here. 
- However, if you try to open the door you will find you are not 
strong enough. 
- Find Napoleon and type 'napoleon follow me' (He is pretty erratic - 
it may not work but he may follow you anyway). 
- Go back into the room with the secret door, and with Napoleon there 
type: 'napoleon open secret door' 
You will get the response:
- Napoleon grabs the secret door and busts it open! The secret door leads 
to escape! You made it! 

3) The Painted Door
- If this is the chosen solution, Picasso will eventually paint a 
special door on one of the walls. You can tell it is special 
because unlike the other painted doors which he paints this one is 
actually described in the room descriptions for example: 
On the north wall is one of Picasso's painted doors which is closed
- Type 'open painted door' 
- And you get the message: 'the painted door opens to reveal an escape 
route! You have escaped!' 

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