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Adventure (Adventure_over_the.txt)

Solution for Adventure from Melbourne House's Over the Spectrum.

Please note first that this game has nothing whatsoever to do with the game
that is usually meant by the name Adventure, Crowther & Woods' original,
beyond being one of the least worthy of its successors. It is, in fact, a
prime example of how _not_ to write an adventure game in Basic. For example,
all objects are known by their full name, although only the first letters
are taken into account; thus, a "gold coin" can be called "gol" as well as
"gold coin", but not "coin". Only lower case letters are recognised. There
are no synonyms; "take" works, "get" doesn't. You need to fight two
you are asked what weapon to use, which helps a bit, but the result remains
somewhat random. In the light of all this, the complete arbitrariness of the
puzzles and setting is only to be expected. 

take brass, n, e, e, s, s, s, e, n, take shovel, s, w, n, n, dig.
drop shovel, take large, n, w, w, take bottle, s, unlock door, drop large.
d, kill mean (with nothing; just press ENTER), repeat until dead, take sword.
s, d, take gold, u, e, n, kill green (with sword), repeat, take persian.
s, s, s, cut rope, drop sword, take ivory, n, n, w, n, e, unlock padlocked.
w, u, drop gold, drop persian, drop ivory.
d, e, d, w, take silver, s, wave silver, s, take ruby, e, take snorkel.
d, d, n, w, n, u, drop silver, drop ruby, n, e, e, s, s, s, e, n.
swim, take diamond, swim, s, w, n, n, n, w, w, s, drop diamond.