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Circus (Circus_hints.txt)

Circus (Channel 8)

No Flashlight:   Useful things to keep in a car.
Can't make the connection:   You must have the spanner to short the terminals.
Maintenance wagon:   Try applying some leverage to the door.
Safety net to heavy:   You need the clown to lend a hand here. He also knows where to put it.
Bad tempered lion:   That's a difficult case to crack (!)
No cable:   I wonder what tightropes are made of?
No balance:   You must have the correct footwear and take safety precautions.
Unfriendly clown:   It takes a sprat to catch a mackerel. The clown holds the answer to the whole

    * Find petrol in the vicinity of a petrol engine.
    * To remove it from the tank, use an object from the tank!
    * Want to cross the tightrope safely? For those with a keen sense of balance, a kick in the
chest works wonders!
    * The cable, should you seek one, must be for earthing the generator, since it is not insulated!

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