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Nellan is Thirsty (Nellan_is_Thirsty.txt)

Solution for Nellan is Thirsty ( aka Thirsty Nellan), a C64 text adventure. 
Solution provided by Fredrik Ramsberg 
North. Get Rabbit. East. Get Egg. Get Rabbit. East. Get Coupon. 
West. North. East. Drop Coupon. Get Bowl. Get Jewel. West. Fill Bowl. 
South. West. Drop Bowl. Drop Jewel. Drop Egg. North. East. East. South. 
West. Get Coin. Sit Chair. Get Key. Open Door. South. Drop Coin. North. 
Get Bowl. Open Door. Sit Chair. East. Give Bowl. Get Vase. North. West. 
West. South. Drop Vase. 
You have won.

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