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Meltdown (Meltdown_hints.txt)

by Laurence Creighton
Zenobi Software
Spectrum 128

A flight carrying used plutonium rods has crashed. You must find the rods 
and render them inactive, placing them in a lead box. Like all of 
Laurence's games, this is excellent. Descriptions sometimes provide good 
hints. You also are told, if you die, what you should have done.


Some hints (encrypted) are available by typing HELP. 

Grating: Monster's in the way
Tree: Steal from office
Turnstile: Examine the mud
Permission: On tracks
Radiation: Examine doctor's door
Burn hands: Examine crevice
Tunnel: Child holds key
Hedge: Where it's rosy

Some clues are embedded in the game when you examine objects:

The freshly dug earth – could there be something there?
The briefcase - could it carry something you cannot that maybe its owner 
The bandage – so you can't take it all; how can you only get some?
The key in the tar has a hole in it - what could fit in the hole to get it 
The wooden box – you could stand on it, but where?
The tongs – they could GRIP objects.

Crossing the chasm – you need something that will span the chasm and that 
is wide enough to fit into. Beware – once you cross there is not going 
back that way so do what you need before you go there. Extra hint: you 
will need to wear protective clothing, and have with you four other 
objects. You also need a password. The geiger counter is not really needed 
but it helps to know where you can go without protection.


The tar – presumably it should be cooler to cross it. Can't get the key 
out of the cold tar? Tsk, tsk, should have tried to fish it out before the 
tar hardened.

The dirty window – try to clean it.

Don't abandon your identification signed by Mr. Wilson. If someone takes 
it absent-mindedly, ask for it back.

Can't get the paper off the thorns? You'll need an implement of sorts. 

EXAMINE and SEARCH are not synonymous. Make sure there is light in the 

So you figured out that the tongs are needed to get the rods, but then you 
throw the tongs away after you used them. Don't panic. SEARCH locations 
beyond the chimney.

If you do not want to break something, don't DROP it; use PUT.

Don't delay when you here the telephone ringing.

There are three digging implements found in the game. All are needed but 
at different locations. You can determine logically which is needed where.

Terri Sheehan

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