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Games - 1997 (116 results)

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Title Publisher Year Language Documents
1st of April Joke Smokers 1997 Russian
Acorn Court, The Todd S. Murchison 1997 English Solution
Apartment F209 Ben Parrish 1997 English
Art D's First Batch Adventure Arthur DiBianca 1997 English Solution
Art D's Next Batch Adventure Arthur DiBianca 1997 English Solution
Art D's Third Batch Adventure Arthur DiBianca 1997 English Solution
Atlantis Miao The Dreampanther 1997 German
Aunt Nancy's House Nate Schwartzman 1997 English
Aventura en el Siglo XXIV Ricardo Villalba Martinez 1997 Spanish
Babó, A Maori Stúdió 1997 Hungarian Solution
Babel Ian Finley 1997 English Solution, Map, Hints
Back to School IMA Soft 1997 Russian
Baltimore:24 Howard A. Sherman 1997 English Solution
Bear's Night Out, A David Dyte 1997 English Solution
Bedlam Michael Zey 1997 English Solution
Breath Pirates Mike Snyder info 1997 English Solution
Brios and the Paladin Dennis Francombe 1997 English
Candy Ryan Stevens 1997 English
CASK Harry M. Hardjono 1997 English Solution
Caso cerrado I: La mansion Papada Soft 1997 Spanish
Chronicles of Aarbron Trilogy, The Lion Software 1997 English
Coming Home Andrew Katz 1997 English Solution, Hints
Congratulations! Frederick Hirsch 1997 English Solution
Crazy Adventure New Dimension, The 1997 English Solution, Map
Dark Mage Greg Troutman 1997 English Solution
Deepspace Gods of the Universe 1997 English Solution
Djinn! ? 1997 English
Dogstar, The Richard Bayliss 1997 English
Domain of the Shadow Lord Paul A Hardy 1997 English
Down Kent Tessman 1997 English Solution
Dungeon Demo J & F Publishing 1997 English
Dungeon of Doom, The Paul A Hardy 1997 English
Dust of Starry Roads GalaxySoft Corp 1997 Russian
E-Mailbox Jay A. Goemmer 1997 English Solution
Edifice, The Lucian Paul Smith 1997 English Solution, Map
Escape R. G. Hallas 1997 English Solution
Everybody Loves a Parade Cody Sandifer 1997 English Solution
Find Exit Paul Moscow 1997 Russian
Fire Ruby, The Zenobi Software info 1997 English Solution, Map, Hints
Frenetic Five vs. Sturm und Drang, The Neil deMause 1997 English Solution, Map
Friday Afternoon Mischa Schweitzer 1997 English
George ? 1997 English
Get That Emulator Radovan Garabik 1997 English Solution
Glowgrass Nate Cull 1997 English
Good Breakfast, A Stuart Adair 1997 English
Guarida Valshar, La Jarel info 1997 Spanish
Heart of Gold, The Frank Kunze 1997 English Solution
Heist: The Crime of the Century Andy Phillips 1997 English Solution
Hernan Cortes NCF Software CLTD 1997 Spanish
House 2 House Jason Billard, Keith Billard 1997 English