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Heart of Gold, The

Frank Kunze 1997

Frank Kunze
Eamon info
Apple II, Macintosh, PC info
Based on literature info, Fantasy, misc., Science fiction
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Several years ago, a stranger named Ford Prefect appeared at the Main Hall. He employed himself as an actor and you became friends with him. He seemed like a good chap... if a bit odd. He was known to be found staring at the sky for long periods of time, claiming to be looking for "flying saucers".

Then one day an enormous green shape appeared in the sky. A voice boomed out of it, saying that the planet Eamon was in the way of a new 'hyperspace bypass' and would promptly be destroyed. Panic broke out and a mob of brave adventurers ran out to challenge the green monstrosity.

Ford suddenly pulled you aside. "Another ship has appeared!" he said excitedly, "I'm trying to hitch a ride--But don't worry, I'll bring you with me." You of course, have absolutely no idea what he's talking about and figure he's just having a nervous breakdown.

"I've succeeded!" he suddenly yells with joy, "Prepare to be teleported..."

You feel a gut-wrenching sensation and pass out. Somewhere off in the distance, you are aware of the world Eamon being completely destroyed!


Unlike most Eamon adventures, you cannot bring character stats and equipment from other adventures into this one. Nor do you need it, since this game has no combat, only puzzles and story.

Note that Eamon games are parser games but in order to play them, you must pass through the Main Hall to select or create a character. In this game your character attributes have no effect on gameplay, so you can just select a random pre-defined character and leave the Main Hall to select the game you want to play (in this case The Heart of Gold).

If you want to play the game with Eamon Deluxe v5, you must first enable the adventure set "Frank Black Adventures Deluxe" as described here. Thus it may be easier to get going with PC Eamon Museum, which includes Eamon Deluxe 4.5.

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by Denk
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User Comments

Denk (09-02-2021 14:55)

Though short, This is my favourite "Hitchhiker"-game. I found the Infocom game too hard.