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C.I.A. Adventure

CLOAD info 1980

CIA Adventure
Hugh Lampert
BASIC info
C64/128 info, PC info, TRS-80 info
Spy/secret agent
Captain 80 Book of BASIC Adventures [1: Atlantean Odyssey, 2: Dog Star Adventure, 3: Thunder Road, 4: Deadly Dungeon, 5: Revenge of Balrog, 6: Fortress at Time's End, The, 7: Temple of the Sun, 8: Lost Ship Adventure, 9: Spider Mountain, 10: Lost Dutchman's Gold, 11: Journey to the Center of Earth, 12: King Tut's Tomb, 13: Voyage to Atlantis, 14: House of Seven Gables, 15: Sorcerer's Castle, 16: C.I.A. Adventure, 17: Arctic Adventure, 18: Adventureland]
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Your mission is to recover a ruby that is being used in top secret government projects as a part in a laser projector.

"The ruby has been captured by a secret spy ring known as Chaos. We suspect they are under cover somewhere in this neighborhood. Good luck!"


Originally published in October 1980 for the TRS-80 by CLOAD magazine.

The game was later included in the Captain 80 Book of BASIC Adventures pp.225-233.

There is a version for PC, credited to the Members of the International PC Owners. The listing states that it was, "translated from TRS-80 version on CPMNET BBS by Pete Wohlmut 10-3-82". This version is bugged, but a fixed version is listed below.

At least two different versions exist for the C64. The C64 version has been adapted to make an unofficial version for Plus 4; see here.

There is an Inform port of the game, by J.K. Thomas.

Jim Gerrie has created a version of the game for the TRS-80 MC-10

The game has been ported to C by Willus.

Ported to the Amstrad CPC by Carsten Dost (SRS).

The original game has also been translated into French (MSX) and German (Atari).

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User Comments

FredB74 (29-09-2021 10:39)

There is a port for the Commodore Plus4 in ????. Plus4World download link:

Exemptus (14-02-2022 23:56)

Full of bugs, the PC port as well; I haven't checked the C64 version. I put together a debugged PC version which seems to run OK, but sadly the game is not really worth it.