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Games - TRS-80 MC-10/Matra Alice (5 results)

The TRS-80 MC-10 was designed as a low-cost computer by Tandy and was released in 1983. Although it shares a great deal with the TRS-80 CoCo it is nether-the-less practically incompatible with the CoCo.

The Matra (or Matra and Hachette) Alice was a French clone of the TRS-80 MC-10 made with the full support of Tandy. It gained popularity by being used in schools.

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Title Company Year Language Documents
Casse-tête dans le Métro Ediciel - Matra - Hachette 1984 French Solution
Caverne des Morlocks, La ? ? French Map
Colossal Cave Adventure Jim Gerrie 2014 English
Dr. Who Adventure James Smith 1982 English Solution, Map, Fixed game
Sorcellerie Rafi Deryeghiyan 1985 French Solution, Fixed game