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Games - CAT (26 results)

The Creative Adventure Toolkit by Philip Richmond. Originally written in AMOS for the Amiga, the system was later ported to PC using Liberty BASIC.

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Title Publisher Year Language Documents
Back to the Future 4 Ray Richardson 1996 English
Birth of the Phoenix Ambrosine ? English
Clear-up in Cloggieland Harold Dixon ? English Solution
Cloak of Darkness Roger Firth 1999 English Solution, Map
Colditz Escape Adventure Probe Software info, Friddsoft info 1986 English
Crystal Keepers Doreen Bardon 2001 English Solution
Domain of the Shadow Lord Paul A Hardy 1997 English
Even the Devil Must Die Mark Hancox ? English
Exploring ITMUS Adventure Probe Software info 1996 English
Fabled Treasure of Koosar, The Adventure Workshop, The info, Guild, The info 1992 English Solution
Feeding Time Doreen Bardon, Karen Tyers ? English
Four Dragons Patrick Paglen 2001 English
Gory Story Philip Richmond 1993 English Solution
Great Great Grandfather's Gold Frank Fridd ? English
Hazardous Holiday Philip Richmond 1995 English Solution
Hero For Sorania, A Adventure Probe Software info 1998 English Solution
Legend of Baldork Ray Richardson 1997 English
Museum Mystery Doreen Bardon 2002 English Solution, Hints
Paranormal Palace Philip Richmond ? English Solution
Piggery Jokery Philip Richmond ? English Solution
Return To Jurassic Park Ray Richardson 1996 English
Sands of Egypt, The Ambrosine 2000 English
Shield of Destiny George Rawson 2002 English
Smuggler Friddsoft info 2004 English
Sojourner, The Tim Gibson ? English
Warriors of the Ssorc Tim Gibson ? English