Calbrenth's Journey, a browser game

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Calbrenth's Journey, a browser game

#1 Post by Spindraft » Sat Oct 22, 2011 12:06 pm

An interactive story by

Calbrenth and his sisiter Arbriana leave
the town of Fersbeck seeking a new
life in a faraway village. Their journey takes
them on a quest across Britain where they
meet new friends, find great enemies and
experience many adventures. On the pages
that follow you will find the story of their
search to belong.

THE YORKSHIRE TALES ... -the-road/

Our game worlds consist of buildings and places, streets and people, monsters and traps, chests with goodies, crafting, chat rooms, banking with interest, vendors and merchants as well as hundreds of quests.

Game Features
■-Fully developed storylines
■-In game sounds
■-Friends list. Trade, share, chat and more
■-Auction house
■-You can choose your player character from any character in the game
■-Real time in-game chat system
■-Create potions, items, etc. in the crafting system
■-Bank system that earns daily interest
■-A storage vault for items you want to save
■-100’s of quests with new content being developed all the time
■-Keep notes in your journal
■-Battle enemies and brave traps
■-Special instance quests
■-Snippets of history relevant to game setting

Posts: 2
Joined: Fri Oct 21, 2011 11:01 am

Re: Calbrenth's Journey, a browser game

#2 Post by Spindraft » Mon Jan 23, 2012 3:14 am

Hello all

Wanted to share some updates with everybody. Calbrenth's Journey now has Guilds with their own private forums, also, each guild will provide its members with free items and a special quest with unique items only available through that guild.

The guilds are joined via a paying membership (using game money, not yours), this means memberships are progressive making it possible to be a member of several guilds over time. Each guild will only be created when new content has advanced to a point in the game that enough player money can be accumilated to join the next guild.

The Guild of Sirrah, first in the game, is now open (including private forum) though the quest portion of Sirrah is still being written.

In further news, I have finished most of my current admin work and have resumed writting new content. I hope to finish the first town, Haworth, within the month and finalize The Bronte Way and The Guild of Sirrah shortly there after.

I look forward to this milestone and getting started on a whole new town called Harrogate where I hope to push the limits of the script being used to new limits. Hope to see you at and look forward to chatting with you in Calbrenth's Journey.


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