Leadlight - a brand new horror adventure for the Apple II

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Leadlight - a brand new horror adventure for the Apple II

#1 Post by blurgle » Sun Nov 21, 2010 12:05 pm

I couldn't decide whether to post in 'classics' or 'modern', as the idea of this game is to appeal to both camps - so I've posted in both!

I've just released a new adventure game for the Apple II called Leadlight. I bill it as 'Survival Horror Interactive Fiction' which, while being a mouthful, accurately describes what's going on in this game - it's a text adventure informed by survival horror console games like Silent Hill and Resident Evil.


The game just competed in the 2010 Interactive Fiction Competition where it came 14th out of 26, a very strong result for an 8-bit game competing against games with unlimited resources and state of the art authorship systems at their disposal. Leadlight was built with the Apple II's Eamon engine, though a highly customised version of it necessary to make the game's features possible. As well as featuring puzzles, it's a CRPG - you have stats, can heal yourself and try out different weapons and items.

The game website provides downloads and info for running the game in an Apple II emulator on nearly any system - or in a browser based emulator on the site itself - plus there's an illustrated manual and a Scott Adams style coded hint sheet.

The Leadlight website is at http://leadlightgame.com

I hope you enjoy the game.

- Wade

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