PunyJam #4 games now available

Games written in Inform, Glulx, TADS, CAT, HUGO and similar. Pleas for help, puzzles, bug reports etc.

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PunyJam #4 games now available

#1 Post by Garry » Mon Dec 18, 2023 5:16 am

PunyJam #4 is a game jam/competition for Inform 6 games written using the PunyInform library. Submissions closed on 17 December 2023 and all 6 entries are now available to play online and/or download to play in your favourite Z-code interpreter. Some of the games include disc images for 8-bit platforms. See the Overview page for an overview of the jam, game rules and voting details. See the Submissions page for all the games.

The theme for the jam was: "At the start of the game, or within the first five moves, the player gets an indication that something isn't quite right, or even that something is terribly wrong." Given that all games had to use the same theme, there is a lot of variet in plot and style. Please play and rate all the games before 31 December 2023. You won't be disappointed.

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