The Island - An Adventure

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The Island - An Adventure

#1 Post by Gunness » Mon Apr 27, 2015 2:59 pm

I've received this partial solution from our user, Danowar, for this C64 game, which he's stuck in. He's also supplied a map. Anybody feel like completing it?

(Partial) Solution for The Island - An Adventure (Ari Laakkonen)

This game is a classic treasure hunt, so you have to find a number of
treasures, bring them to a certain room and drop them there.

The treasure room is the first room of the game, the wellhouse.

Here are the treasures I know of:
a platinum pyramid
a red ruby
an emerald bracelet
a diamond ring
gold coins
priceless tiara
an antique iron statue

There may be more treasures, but while playing I have locked me
out of winning the game too often so I haven't finished the game yet.

Verbs the game understands:
turn, switch
take, get, grab
drop, lower, throw
cut, slice, chop
go, enter
tie, fasten, attach
put, push, slide
pull, haul, raise
untie, remove, unfasten, deconstruct, disconnect
eat, swallow
hit, smash
set, move
quit, end, stop
load, restore

The game seems to have several spots where you can cheat yourself out
of winning the game. Some of these are:
- You have to put the sword into the plastic container while the
ornamented hilt is still on the sword. Otherwise you won't be able
to get the sword out of the container anymore.
- You have to drop the wooden box with the dashed line in the large room
with the round hole before cutting the silver wires of the gong. Only
by doing that will the box be opened and the ostrich egg will be accessible.
- You have to drop the rubik's cube on the wooden platform in the castle
courtyard before cutting the rope of the guillotine.

Again, there may be more, but I haven't finished the game yet.

The solution may not be very efficient, but as the game doesn't seem to
have any timers, this doesn't matter.
On with the puzzle solutions so far:

A leaflet in the wellhouse on the floor has some text on it,
but it also contains some hidden text that is revealed by heating it.
You will need some matches for this. Those are hidden in a rubik's cube.
This cube must be dropped on the wooden platform in the castle courtyard.
Using a knife found in the wellhouse, the rope holding the guillotine must
then be cut. Leave the platform temporarily to not be beheaded.
The matches will then land in the wicker basket containing the severed heads.

Cutting the rope on the wooden platform will produce a hole in the platform
leading to the underground fishing passage.

The salt tumbler from the wellhouse contains a key that you can't get
out using normal means. You can't smash the tumbler or open it.
Somewhere you will find both a red and a blue pill. Eating the red one
makes you small, eating the blue one makes you big again.
You have to use the shiny wire in the underground passage fishing area
in combination with the pills and the tumbler to reach the key.
Basically, you drop the tumbler in the room, eat the red pill,
get the wire, go into the tumbler, tie the wire to the key,
leave the tumbler and eat the blue pill.
Then pull the wire out of the tumbler and untie the key.
Talk about needlessly complicated...

The underground fishing passage poses another problem. You can't go down
through the hole carrying anything at all. So you throw the shiny wire
out of the window and go down. At the beach, you need to go in the sea
and then to a yacht, where you can find a sword. The yacht has a big mast
with a sail and a rope. Cut the rope with the sword, the cut the sail
with the sword. Make yet another rope from the remaining strips of cloth.
No, I don't know where the rope holding the sail went.
Go back to the end of the shiny wire, leaving the sword on the ship.
Otherwise, the sword would sink into the ocean.
Tie the rope to the wire, climb back up, pull the wire in
and tie the rope to the metal ring.
Don't forget to untie the rope from the wire, though.
Now you can climb down to the beach via the rope.

Down at the beach, you can find a copper wire. You can't take it with you
anywhere else, but you can tie the copper wire to the copper rod also found there.

The tide is periodically coming in. If you are in certain rooms when the tide
is in, you will drown.
Also, floating in a cove at the beach is a big metal ball which you can enter.
Enter when the tide is out and wait for the tide to come in. Better close the door
using the blue button, or else you will drown. When the tide is in for 2 turns,
you can reopen the door with the button and go out to get to a different location.

The small metal chamber with the LEDs is an elevator. The LEDs show
the target floor. You can change the floor using the triangle and square buttons.
Pressing the triangle button generates a banana, pressing the square produces an orange.
The LEDs shift towards the left.
Pressing the round button starts the elevator.

The red ruby from the courtyard is fastened to the wall. Somewhere in the
area of the elevator you find a fluorescent tube. Take it to the
glass coil in the castle area and put it in the coil.
Now press the yellow button in the castle. The RED RUBY will be blown into
courtyard, ready for you to snatch up.

The heavy metal box in the bank vault is at first unaccessible. Bring the
inflatable mattress from the yacht to the vault and put the mattress
under the metal box. Then take the rubber hose and attach it to the mattress.
Press the purple button to turn on the air gauge.
Then press the green button to inflate the mattress. The mattress will explode,
but turn over the metal box so that you can see a door on the side of the box.
The box (probably a safe on its face) can then be unlocked
using the key from the salt tumbler. Inside is a treasure, a PLATINUM PYRAMID.

Ever wondered what the rock wall in the forest was for? You can find a sledge hammer
in the elevator area. You can then smash the rock wall with the hammer.
A crack in the wall appears.
On the yacht you can find a "candle". Light the candle with a match.
Now put the lit candle in the crack. Wait a while and the candle explodes like
the dynamite it really is. A hole appears which leads to a mountain area.

Now, how do we bring the sword ashore? In the mountain area, you can find a big plastic container.
This container can float on water. Carry the container to the yacht and put the sword inside.
Then throw the container overboard. The container floats to the shore.
At the beach, you can then get the sword out of the container.

Now that you have the sword, you're gonna destroy it. Not really, but bear with me.
Take the sledge hammer and smash the hilt of the sword with it.
A horse shoe falls out. Take it and go back to the underground fishing area.
tie the wire to the shoe and drop the shoe through the hole in the ground.
It is a magnet! Pull the wire back up and marvel at the ANTIQUE IRON STATUE you catched.

In the castle, you can find a wooden box with a dashed line on it. Take it with you.
In the elevator area, there is a large room with a round hole. Drop the box in there.
In the mountain area, you can find a gong suspended with silver wires.
Cut the wires with the sword. You will find that the gong falls down, splits the wooden box in half
and lands on the shore in the elevator area. Inside the box was an ostrich egg.
NOTE: I am not really clear if this is a treasure or not.

There is a box with numbers and a cable coming out of it. Attach the cable to thec
cassette recorder you find in the cove. But you also need a cassette for this.
You have already found the plastic container? The cassette is in there.
Put the cassette in the recorder. What can you do now? The numbers go from 0-9.
You input a five-digit Hz length using those. For example, Press 5-0-0-0-0.
Now press "exe" on the box. Now the box emits noise.
But you have to also record it. So press "rec" and "play" on the recorder.
Then press "rew" to rewind and remove the cable.
You can play the noise pressing "play" and "rew" later.

You cannot remove the EMERALD BRACELET from its place because strong magic
prevents you. But you can put the bracelet in the container and probably do something
with it then.

You remember the rubber hose in the bank? Water will come out if the gong has been cut.
You can probably fill the glass bottle with it. Why nowhere else? No one knows...

You can cut the bamboo in the mountain area with your sword.

You can set the clock in the mountain area to some time.

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