Clutches of the Balrog

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Clutches of the Balrog

#1 Post by Strident » Thu Jan 10, 2013 9:22 pm

Browsing the WOS archive I came across this title which doesn't currently have a solution or appropriate creator credits. I've submitted an author update to the CASA archive. Have pasted a solution and further info below.

Not suitable for children, due to mild sexual content and innuendo, this adventure appears to have been written by Sonia Griffiths-Glover (for her friends in the adventure game community) as a way of learning how to use The Quill.

The aim of the game is to escape from the clutches of the Balrog before he "violates" you.

Solution by Stident:

remember, exam table, look table, look mirror, exam me, exam wrist, exam cord, rock bed, get shards, cut cord with shards,

stand up, drop shards, exam bed, get sheets, get can, exam floor, crawl, get pin, exam pin, exam floor, exam rubbish, get

magazine, exam magazine, read magazine, drop magazine, get sticks, exam sticks, exam desk, exam drawer, pick lock, open

drawer, get diary, read diary, drop diary, exam wardrobe, open wardrobe, get belt, exam belt, get clothes, exam clothes,

wear belt, wear clothes, exam window, get curtains, tie curtains to sheets, get rope, tie rope, to bedopost, exam dresser,

get present, unwrap present, get vibrator, exam vibrator, get cellophane, exam cellophane, get ribbon, exam ribbon, wear

ribbon. exam walls, pull paper, get paper, exam door, exam gap, look gap, get pieces, look under, under bed, get box, exam

aids, drop box, get whip, rub sticks, break window, exam balrog, squirt cream, go window, dive

Other inputs

John, Ann, Doreen, sex, balrog, rochdale, flag, mole, zenobi, sonz, mike, david, girl, tania, rowa, dani, bond, writer,

book, film, record, adventure, game, wish, henr, taxi, future, mama, abi

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