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The Ferryman Awaits - problem with walkthrough

Posted: Fri Mar 30, 2012 4:09 pm
by J. J. Guest
Hi everybody,

I'm only an occasional visitor to this forum; I'm pleased to see it still going strong.

I'm currently playing The Ferryman Awaits by Kansas City Systems for the BBC (Beebem). It's a game I always wanted as a kid but somehow never managed to save up enough pocket money. I'm playing it now and I'm quite taken with it, atmospheric writing, weird puzzles and objects and a quirky sense of humour.

I'm a bit stuck though. I've had to turn to the walkthrough a couple of times but this time it seems to have let me down. I'm at the river of mud, having escaped from the desert. W and N take me to the bridge. I can't cross the bridge because of the guards, but the walkthrough by Geoff suggests:
[from the bank of a river of mud...] W, N (don't try to cross the bridge), NW, look (you move further southwards down the gully), U (onto another stone bridge - here's where the skull is needed to provide light).
The problem is that going NW from the bridge gives the response "You cannot go in that direction." I can't get back into the tower my original route and I'm pretty much stuck! Can anyone shed any light on this? Checking back through the walkthrough I don't think there's anything I've forgotten to do.

Many thanks,

J. J. Guest