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operation berlin

#1 Post by terri » Sat Apr 03, 2010 7:08 am

This is quite the good game. Spectrum, available on WOS. Written by Quill. Jacob has hints plus so does the Tipshop.

You have to read and remember all the stuff you are told. Anyway, I think I have finished part 1 with all the necessary objects (esp the newspaper - being the non-detail person that I am, this took some time). Though who knows if I missed something?

The biggest challenge in part 1 is to determine what objects you need to take with you into Part 2. You can only take 11, while 12 are available.

In Part 2 I have two problems.
Problem # 1:
You need to get into the kitchen. You seem to have to be wearing the waiter's jacket. (Getting that is an interesting problem in itself, and rather an ingenious way of doing so). Once you have it, the moves are determined, however, and then I can't get back into the kitchen.

Problem # 2:
At the platform. Your original message told you the contact time was 20:00 hours, but the note you get said it has been changed to 19:45. Which one is true? the agent would wonder. However, I appear to be missing something, because either time, the train is pulling out of the platform and I die.

Please join me in this. Best game I have played in a long time. One thing seems to be dependent on another (of course this is allowable). Sparsely written, like a good spy thriller should be, in my opinion.

If you've never read the Quiller Memorandum, do so. Great book.

I am really reluctant to say there is a bug in it. There shouldn't be, really - it's too well thought out.

Help please. Thanks if you do so.

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