War-Lord (aka Wartorn Land)

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Doreen B
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War-Lord (aka Wartorn Land)

#1 Post by Doreen B » Mon Apr 20, 2009 4:32 pm

Can I suggest this game to all interested.

It is a spectrum games available from WOS

I know this game has not been published - but I can tell you it will be good.

This game would have been published by Zenobi - had the publishers not finished.

It is written by my very good friend Jon Scott. I have only just seen it on WOS - and realised what the game was.

The correst name of the game is Wartorn Land.

I am just about to load it and start mapping. It should be good...
I have a write up of the outline of the game if anyone is interested.
But I will have to attach it as a PM

Any takers?

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