Help needed - Billy Barker Invsetigates

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Help needed - Billy Barker Invsetigates

#1 Post by nimusi » Sun Mar 10, 2024 7:49 pm

I've been playing this off and on for just over a year (since 6th March 2023!).

I think I'm getting to the end of it, but I can't get rid of the guards in the security office.

I've used the boomerang to distract the guard but he keeps on capturing me when I enter the security office. I did think I could flood the room next door and enter the office while he investigates the flood, but apparently not.

In desperation, I've referred to the solution here on CASA. That tells me I need to drop the cat in the sink room, and she will distract the guard. I've done this, the cat is then supposed to move into the security office, but that doesn't happen in my version.

What am I doing wrong? Or could the solution be missing a step.

Grateful for any help, please put my out of my misery.


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