America's Agent / Secret Service

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America's Agent / Secret Service

#1 Post by Strident » Sat Oct 01, 2022 2:03 pm

Research in progress...

This one came up on my radar as Endurion has submitted a solution and game fix for...

Secret Service ... rvice.html
A German language game, listed in the database under the author Heinz Joachim Eifert

Looking at the screen on GB64...

I can see that it describes itself as a port of the Apple II adventure America's Agent by C. Frey.
The publisher on GB64 is listed as CW-Publikationen Verlags GmbH/RUN
with a reference for RUN 1984/12

We also have the similar looking game, America's Agent aka Amerika's Agent in the database... ... Agent.html
...attributed to G. Retz.
...for the Spectrum version... ... icas_Agent

Although GB64...
...has the C64 version credited to Michael Bauer, for the C64 screenshot on that entry in the database

Another America's Agent is also listed on GB64... the screenshot as being written by Carsten Frey with that C64 version by M. Weck.

There is a partial listing in the forum on Atari Age... (c) 1987/1997... for TI99/4A ... nt=2493120
...attributed to Carsten Ziepke with permission apparently granted "Agent was a Apple II prg (c) 84 by C.Frey. Used with kind permission."

Carsten Frey had some Apple II listings in Homecomputer magazine...
Tut-En Amun Pyramid Builder - ... 1/page/26/
...and Helicopter Attack, Missile Attack, Space Business etc.
Small ads mentions... ... en+frey%22 ... en+frey%22

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