Island Adventure/The Island

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Island Adventure/The Island

#1 Post by Strident » Thu May 19, 2022 5:54 pm

Does anyone have a copy/image of Island Adventure, by Peter Gerrard, published by Duckworth?
i.e. ... 3940#46711
(my account there is not yet approved, so I can't access any downloads if there are any)

I think that this game in our database... ... C+The.html
i.e. actually just a tweaked version of the official Peter Gerrard release.

It seems to have been "edited" by John D. Ryan (who himself had a game based on Peter's system released by Duckworth) to create a personalised copy for John R. Barnsley. (Both are known figures from the community back in the day).

I just wanted a copy of Peter's game, to check that our entry in the database (and GB64) is actually incorrect and change the credit of the game appropriately.

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