Bowden's Adventures

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Bowden's Adventures

#1 Post by Strident » Mon Jan 24, 2022 10:39 am

While off down a rabbit hole, I spotted this strange Apple II adventure and added a new entry in the database for it...

Bowden's Adventures ... tures.html

It can be played here... ... Adventures

It's interesting in that it uses a curious system where one-word commands and verbs are inputted using a single shortcut letter, but the rest of the input is typed in full.

It doesn't quite work... or rather it doesn't quite work for a seasoned adventure player... whose brain is so used to typing in the rest of the word. And it also doesn't quite work practically, because any single-word command must be followed by a second disposable letter in order for the computer to recognise the input.

For example EAST G, INVENTORY X, HELP P (the extra letter is the player's choice).

Still, interesting. No idea when the game was produced.

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