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David Williams - Adventure Shell

#1 Post by Strident » Sat Jan 08, 2022 1:45 pm

I was randomly looking up the entries we have for David M. Williams *** today and came across another of the many "David Williams" out there.

This one (British based) was the Your Computer magazine adventure helpline operator in 1985/6.

Your Computer started publishing a 'Write Your Own Adventures" series, by him (unless it was yet another David Williams, working for the magazine at the same time).

It started in volume 6 issue 6, continued in issue 7, but then seems to have been dropped for issue 8.

Your Computer (UK) Magazine
Write your own adventures
Adventure Shell No. 1
(part one, Volume 6 issue 6, June 1986)
https://archive.org/details/Your_Comput ... 06/page/30
(part two, Volume 6 issue 7, July 1986)
https://archive.org/details/your-comput ... /page/n75/

Sadly, I don't think there's really enough there to be of interest to anyone, in its incomplete form.

*** It seems unclear if all the adventures we have under "David M. Williams" are by that same "David Williams". The Mega Adventure attribution seems clear, thanks to the reference in Compute magazine. http://solutionarchive.com/list/author%2C2827/

That David seems to have been a regular contributor to Australian computing publications with articles and programs published in Compute, the Australian Commodore and Amiga Review, and Your Computer.

He also wrote a parser for the Commodore 128
https://archive.org/details/Australian_ ... U/page/n61

(Of course, there are other David Williams in earlier issues of Computer... including an early Commodore pioneer in Canada. Living in Wales I definitely appreciate how common "David Williams" as a name is... it's almost at the level of Jones)

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