Adventuron CaveJam and Halloween Jam

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Adventuron CaveJam and Halloween Jam

#1 Post by Garry » Mon Sep 30, 2019 12:44 pm

The forum has been very quiet lately. Here's something that will (hopefully) get your attention.

Over the last couple of years, Chris Ainsley has been working very hard on an adventure authoring tool called Adventuron. There's also a cut-down version called Adventuron Classroom that he is targeting at the education market in the hope that it will get 8-12 year olds interested in writing adventures.

Adventuron is a very powerful tool that allows you to create and play an adventure directly in your desktop browser or on your mobile device. The tool is far from perfect and far from finished, but it's still capable of producing some very professional-looking adventures. Some of these are listed in the CASA database. The finished adventure is intentionally old-school in style - the same style as those produced by the Scott Adams authoring tools, The Quill, PAW and GAC. In fact, he even has tools to allow an Adventuron adventure to be converted to PAW. Anyway, that's just background and is not why I'm writing this thread.

Chris recently held the first ever Adventuron game jam on, the world's biggest indie gaming web site. It was called 'Adventuron CaveJam' and the idea was that contestants had to submit an adventure within three weeks. This had to be based on the basic skeleton of a game called 'The Cave of Magic'. The rules were pretty strict and the games had to be illustrated. You can read about them on the CaveJam page. 44 people registered and 11 games were submitted. All except one of the contestants had never used Adventuron before. Quite a few had never wrritten an adventure before. And roughly half did not even speak English as a first language. Despite that, the quality of the games was very good to excellent. The reason I'm writing this is to encourage you to take a look at these games at the CaveJam submissions page. Play as many games as you can, register with and rate the games. Voting finishes in a little over 6 days, around 6 October, depending on your local time.

If you like what you see, give it a go yourself. The second Adventuron game jam is about to get underway. This one is called 'Adventuron Halloween Jam'. See the Halloween Jam page, play 'Spooky Adventure' on that page, then get started.

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