Transylvania III for MSX?

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Transylvania III for MSX?

#1 Post by Alastair » Fri Dec 30, 2022 8:56 pm

I see that we have MSX/MSX2 as a platform for Transylvania III. There is an MSX version but is it an official port? (Also, "ICON Games" are charging $2.50 for the ported game, do the people who produced the original know of this?)

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Re: Transylvania III for MSX?

#2 Post by Alex » Sat Dec 31, 2022 9:48 am

I don't know if it was ported with the permission of the original people. But it was sold commercially. I bought my copy in 2010. I paid more than 2,50. The MSX version was made in Brazil. I do know in South America in most countries they don't care a lot about copyright claims. For instance where I used to live (Bolivia) you had a Dumbo and a Bambi restaurant including all Disney images which were clearly not official branches and it was a lot more difficult to find an original copy of a dvd or cd than finding illegal copies which are sold on every streat corner.

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Re: Transylvania III for MSX?

#3 Post by Strident » Sat Dec 31, 2022 11:15 am

There are quite a few instances in the database of games that were commercially ported and published, seemingly without the permission of the original creators. In many of those historic cases we have added the platform of those commercial ports (even if they were potentially unofficial) as they were viewed as official releases back in the day (even though they were unauthorised).

In this particular case, I don't think the MSX tag is justified. 2007 is a long way from the initial 1988 publication date and, if there is no involvement from the original development team, the inclusion as an official platform has the potential to confuse matters.

At the very least, the entry needs some notes on it to explain the publication history better; stating the original platforms and publishers and then explaining the later port and release on MSX.

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