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Games - English - E (236 results)

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Title Publisher Year Language Documents
Eyes of Medusa, The CodeWriter 1985 English
Eye of Zolton, The Softek Software International 1983 English Solution
Eye of Vartan Pocket Money Software info 1985 English Solution
Eye of the Inca John R. Olsen info ? English Solution, Map, Hints
Eye of Min Honeysoft info 1983 English
Eye of Kadath Gary Musgrave 1983 English Solution
Eye of Borrack, The Jim Jams Games info 2019 English Manual
Eye of Bain, The Artic Computing 1984 English Solution, Map, Hints
Extricator, The Precision Games 1986 English Solution, Hints
EXTERMINATE! Michael C. Martin 2008 English Solution, Map
Exploring ITMUS Adventure Probe Software info 1996 English
Explorer Adventure AUSBUG 1983 English
Exploits in a Wheelie-Bin Delbert the Hamster Software 1992 English Solution, Hints
Experience, The Plasma Touch Software, Players Software 1986 English
Expedition Jonathan Rosebaugh 2006 English Solution, Map
Exorcism Adam Balcomb, David Lacey 1993 English Solution
Existing Elements Tom Powell ? English
Exiled Your Sinclair 1992 English
Exhibition Ian Finley 1999 English
Executive Adventure Intersoft ? English
Excuse Me - Do You Have the Time? Jean Childs 1993 English
Exciting Adventure Russed Software 1982 English
Exchange ? ? English Solution, Hints
Excelsior Arthur DiBianca 2014 English
Excalibur: Sword of Kings Alternative Software 1987 English Solution, Map, Hints
Excalibur Grana Software, Supersoft info 1983 English
Example Adventure Dragonsoft info 1995 English
Evolution ? ? English
Evilution Nigma Adventures 1991 English
Evil Sorcerer, The Gren Remoz 2001 English
Evil Ridge, The Guild Adventure Software, The info 1988 English Solution
Evil Realm Turtle Software 1985 English Solution
Evil Crypt Falsoft 1987 English
Everyday Tale of a Seeker of Gold, An Zenobi Software info 1986 English Solution, Hints
Everybody Loves a Parade Cody Sandifer 1997 English
Everybody Dies Jim Munroe 2008 English Solution
Evening of Horror SSS 1992 English
Even the Gods May Die Louis Veal Irandahar ? English
Even the Devil Must Die Mark Hancox ? English
Even Bantams Get the Blues Eric Mayer 2001 English Solution, Map
Eve of Shadows Robert Buckley 1991 English Map
Evacuate Jeff Rissman 2002 English Solution
Eurydice ? 2012 English
Eureka! DoMark 1984 English Solution, Hints
Eunuchs' Ball, The Adventure Workshop, The info, Dragonsoft info 1995 English Solution
Euclides XXI ESP Soft 2019 English
Estate of Doom ? ? English
Essex Brøderbund, Synapse Software info 1985 English Solution
Espionage Island Artic Computing, Paxman Promotions, Real Software 1982 English Solution, Map, Hints
Espionage Deekster Productions 1987 English Solution