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Sam's Un-Excellent Adventure

Zenobi Software info 1994

Ian Osborne
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Gunness, Sudders



The Story So Far ...

Sometimes the day never quite pans out as you intended and today was going to be one of those days for Sam. He was a nice enough little robot - as robots go - and he was always full of the best intentions and very eager to please. So when he was told to buy a plug for Alan Miles' toaster he was only too keen to get on with the task and obtain the object of his desire. However, even such a simple task can take on astronomic proportions when you live in a place like SWANSEA --- It has been known to close down for the simplest of things and "early closing day" meant just that. So SAM, being the enterprising little robot that he was, decided to take the easy way out and "borrow" a plug from elsewhere - from Colin Jordan's office in actual fact! A wise enough decision if only Colin had not decided to return to the office to do a spot of programming!

"Oh no," thought SAM, leaping thirteen feet into the air as he realised his calamitous cock-up - (having springs for legs proves most interesting in times of woe) - "If I don't get it back before he arrives he'll kill me for sure! What am I to do and just how can I do it???"

To prevent Colin Jordan from subjecting SAM's circuits to an extensive re-wire - albeit rather indelicately - you must assist/help to find the way to replace the plug he borrowed. That is if you can recover the bl**dy plug from where SAM left it in the first place.


This game takes place in SAMCO's offices, where you may encounter such luminaries as ALAN MILES, COLIN JORDAN and the likes ... Some of the guys responsible for the creation of the infamous and ill-fated SAM COMPUTER and such classic games as "THE FAMOUS FIVE".

It will be your task to take on the role of SAM and to carry out all the functions that will be necessary in order to complete the task he has been burdened with ... good luck!!!!

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