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Fake Pratt

Mark Randall 1996

Mark Randall
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Welcome to your most difficult case to date. As Pace Adventurer - Pop Detective you have had to tackle many difficult and dangerous cases. This, however will be the most challenging of them all.

You have received a call from the manager of mega teen pop group Fake Pratt asking you to meet him urgently in his office. You can hear the distress in his voice and rush to his office. As you arrive a security guard lets you in and gives you directions to the manager’s office. You start to walk away and hear the guard mumbling about having to work overtime to wait for you when everyone else went home ages ago. You hear the door slam behind you and you turn as you hear the key turn in the lock, you are just in time to see the guard getting into a taxi having locked you in the building.

You enter the manager’s office, he drags you in and starts to babble to you -

'Help! Thank goodness you have arrived, the concert is due to start in 20 minutes and the boys are missing. If they are not on stage the crowd will riot and hundreds may die. You are our only hope - you must find them, all I know is that they are in this building somewhere and they must be found within 15 minutes to enable them to get to the concert on time.'

As you are pushed out of the office you notice a large poster of 5 teenage boys singing, the face of one of the boys has been obliterated with a black marker pen and scrawled underneath was 'So you think that you can get out of your contract that easily'.

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