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Laskar's Return

Zenobi Software info 1996

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1: Laskar's Crystals, 2: Laskar's Return
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Some years previous you had been instrumental in aiding the alien known as LASKAR to carry out his mission on Earth and to return safely to his own planet. During the course of this incident you and the alien had become friends and you often thought of him in the time that had passed since then. So you were highly delighted and happy when late one night, whilst messing about with your SHF receiver, you pick up a familiar voice - albeit on the emergency channel. It is your old pal Laskar and it seems that once more he is going to be in need of your assistance - his craft is in severe difficulties and a 'crash-landing' is imminent.

Quickly you triangulate his approximate position and make notes in your notebook. With these notes you should be able to locate the crash site and will hopefully find Laskar alive and well when you arrive there.

However one small detail keeps niggling at your mind as you put together some supplies for the journey - Laskar's old ship was nuclear-powered and there is no reason to suppose that his new one is any different. So was there any danger of the core of its reactor becoming 'critical' - and if so, would you be able to prevent the nuclear explosion that would be bound to follow. Such an event would inevitably lead to global-pollution and that could last for thousands of years - even spell the end of mankind as we know it. Such a disaster just has to be averted.

With all these thoughts running through your head you pack your supplies, pick up a small map of the area you think Laskar has crashed in and head for the nearest airport. As is always the case in these matters your baggage is lost in transit and you arrive at your destination with only the clothes you are stood up in; so much for 'forward-planning'!

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