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CFS Productions 1993

Christian Siege
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Alex, CFS, Gunness



You play an astronaut who returns to Earth from an outer space journey.
You have been in space for 28 years. Now the year is 2012 and a nuclear war has raged across the world.

Gnurz has risen from the ashes and ruins and rules the world with an iron fist. It is up to you to defeat him.


The game was written by an eighth grader for his friends in the school magazine team. That's why it is in German only and contains a lot of inside jokes.
Sad fact: The person who gives you the money in the game died in real life the same year this game takes place (the real 2012). The codes in the game are the phone number and date of birth of the developer's crush back then. Early drafts of the game contained also her street's name which was too long for a street sign on screen. The alien you meet in the bar is named after an extraterrestrial from some pseudo-scientific book by Johannes von Buttlar, a popular ufologist during the eighties and nineties. The year 2012 was NOT chosen after the Mayan predictions that the world would end in 2012. The year 2012 is much more inspired by the German audioplay series "Der letzte Detektiv" ("The last P. I."), although the audioplay is less dystopian.
The music in the game is "stolen" from the games Lightforce (musician: Rob Hubbard) and Green Beret (musician: Martin Galway).
Title screen and end sequence are created with the Action Replay MK VI Demo Maker and therefore not in BASIC like the rest of the game.

A sequel/remake in multiple languages and for several platforms is announced for 2016.

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User Comments

CFS (21-09-2015 02:00)

Hello. The game is from 1993, not 1983. In 1983 I was only 5 years old. By the way, the game was created for a small group of friends only. I wonder how it made its way around the world.

Gunness (28-09-2015 10:56)

If you have any other details to add about the game (what system/language it was programmed in), a brief plot outline or whatever, please add this info :)