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Velnor's Lair

Neptune Computing, Quicksilva 1983

Derek Brewster info
C64/128 info, Oric/Atmos, Spectrum
Fantasy, misc.
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Garry, Gunness, impomatic



The Black Wizard Velnor has gone into hiding in the Goblin Labyrinth of Mt. Elk. The reason is now plainly clear. After centuries of searching he has finally discovered the ancient tomb of Grako and is now about to realise his ghastly ambition, to become a true demon on earth! Time is too short to mass an Army against Velnor. There is only one hope for mankind; that one brave adventurer may be able to penetrate Velnor's defences, defeating his guards, avoiding the traps and surprising Velnor before the metamorphosis is complete. You are that chosen person, but beware, not only does Velnor empploy the most ghastly of creatures as guards, he is also a master of illusion.
In this D&D style adventure you may be a Wizard, Warrior, or Priest. As a Warrior, you are best suited to battle, but how will you cope with the fiendish spells of Velnor? As a Wizard your spells are devastating, but beware, your magic is limited and armed combat doesn't come easy! As a Priest you may protect yourself with the divine powers and you have no fear of the undead, but how will you handle the ghastly Trolls?
The adventure will require ingenuity and careful planning. Combat takes the form of D&D style scenarios where instant death is rare, but beware, wounds are cumulative and strategy is of the utmost importance.


The game saw a limited release from Neptune Computing around April 1983. A larger-scale release from Quicksilva came out a few months later.
The Oric version was ported by John Airey and published by Quicksilva in 1984.

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User Comments

Exemptus (10-01-2020 19:34)

Simple but acceptable adventure. I have completed it both as wizard and warrior. The warrior solution differs in a couple of trivial points, but mainly you can just fight every creature (and should, except for the ones on your side). Maximising the score requires carrying all treasures at the end of the game, but this is not needed to complete the game, and needs a bit of additional travel back and forth.