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Flotsam (Flotsam_J_Veasey.txt)

Written by J. Veasey (The Insomniac)
Walk Through by Dorothy Millard (C64 Version)

(Start in your office on the 39th floor of the Ship Office building), INVENTORY (you have your gun
and two bullets), GET ENVELOPE, OPEN ENVELOPE (find a letter and $100), READ LETTER (you are offered
a reward to rescue Cynthia who has been kidnapped), S (elevator which is automatically descending to
the lobby), WAIT (until you hear a noise), WAIT (you notice a button), EXAMINE BUTTON (emergency
brake), WAIT (until you hear several cables snapping, then the elevator begins to plummet), PUSH
BUTTON (you press the emergency brake and notice an escape hatch at the top of the elevator... the
brakes are slipping), OPEN HATCH (you crawl out onto an escape ladder, just as the brakes fail...
you make your way to the lobby).

GET NEWSPAPER, READ NEWSPAPER, DROP NEWSPAPER, E (into taxicab... the cabbie asks where to), 473
Dudley, WAIT (until the cabbie is shot and the taxi is flying all over the road), OPEN DOOR (you
bail out just in time as the cab smashes into a brick wall... you are in front of the YMCA), S
(alley), EXAMINE BUM (looks nasty), TALK TO BUM (he asks if you want to buy a key to the YMCA), YES,
N, E (locked), UNLOCK DOOR WITH KEY, E (hall), N (pool room), GET NET, EXAMINE POOL (see a small
knife at the bottom), GET KNIFE WITH NET (you put it on the side of the pool), DROP NET, GET KNIFE,
S, E, E (gymnasium where it's dark), FEEL FLOOR (find a flashlight and turn it on... you see
the door and make a hasty exit), N (janitor's closet), GET BOX (reveals a secret panel), OPEN
PANEL (it's stuck), OPEN PANEL WITH KNIFE, DROP BOX, D (you slide down a narrow tube into a
secret room).

D (sewers), E (an alligator won't let you leave), SHOOT ALLIGATOR, SHOOT ALLIGATOR, EXAMINE
ALLIGATOR (you find six bullets), GET BULLETS, W, N, W, READ SIGN (flood chamber west - note you
should heed this warning), S, W, GET CROWBAR, E, N, E, E, N (see manhole above), OPEN MANHOLE
(stuck), OPEN MANHOLE WITH CROWBAR (you force it open and come up in the street near the airport), N
(a man with a gun is here), TALK TO MAN (he says you can draw first - don't however), TURN ON
FLASHLIGHT (he is blinded and drops his gun as the light hits him), SHOOT MAN (hear a scream to the
north), N (entrance to airport), N (ticket counter where you meet Cynthia who is being held by a mad
gunman... he runs north), N (gate 12 where the madman is boarding the plane), N (airplane - you
shoot it out with the gunman and save Cynthia).


Taken from Dorothy Irene's site:

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