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Billy Barker in Walesville (Billy_Barker_in_Walesville_Damian_Steele.txt)

Written by Damian Steele
Walk Through by Dorothy Millard (C64 Version)

(Start in an east/west tunnel), INVENTORY (carrying a snapshot camera), GET PLANT, EXAMINE LADDER
(most of the rungs are broken), GET RUNG, EXAMINE RUNG, EXAMINE WALLS, W, EXAMINE WEB (sticky -
don't touch it), EXAMINE WALL, EXAMINE SCONCE, EXAMINE BOLT (has a pivot joint), PULL SCONCE
(the south wall revolves to reveal a square room), EXAMINE HOLE, EXAMINE WALL (made of blocks),
EXAMINE BLOCKS (behind a loose one you find a coin), N, N (to where the tunnel ends), EXAMINE TOOLS,
GET HEAD (hammer head), MAKE HAMMER (you fit the rung into the head), S, IN (to chamber), EXAMINE
DESK (find an old satchel), EXAMINE SATCHEL (find plans), EXAMINE PLANS (how to make stilts),

E, E, N (corner), EXAMINE SUPPORT (stuck to it is a large dead rat), EXAMINE RAT (staked by a large
sharp knife), GET KNIFE, EXAMINE KNIFE, GET RAT, E, E (by cage), EXAMINE BOLT (held on with screws),
UNSCREW LOCK (using the coin as a screwdriver), IN, EXAMINE TARPAULIN (underneath is some wood), GET
WOOD, OUT, S, EXAMINE DEBRIS, EXAMINE BEAM (cracked and bound with rope), CUT ROPE (using knife -
note don't use the western tunnel any more or the roof collapses), N, W (to meeting of three
tunnels), EXAMINE FLOOR (see footprints), N (pool), N (the boiling patch moves in your directions so
you examine the bank instead and find some old bones), EXAMINE BONES (see a horse leg), EXAMINE LEG
(the shoe is held on by nails), GET NAILS, MAKE STILTS (following the plans), THROW RAT (the thing
in the water moves towards it giving you time to use the stilts to cross into a large cave).

EXAMINE BATS, USE CAMERA (the bright light frightens them - as they leave something is dislodged),
LOOK, GET KEY (iron), N (into identical looking twisting tunnels), N, E, N, W, W, S, GET OIL (can),
N, N, W, S, S (back to cave), W (to where the tunnel ends by a locked door), EXAMINE MARKS, EXAMINE
LOCK (rusty), USE OIL, USE KEY (to unlock the door... you go through to the lower level of the
castle), EXAMINE WELL (find a winch), GET WINCH, EXAMINE WINCH (rusty).

W (into a damp room), EXAMINE BLOCKS (heavy), EXAMINE DOORWAY (it has a strong hook in the middle),
HANG WINCH ON HOOK, FEED ROPE THROUGH WINCH (you manage to clear the exit.... you find yourself in a
narrow passage), U (stairs to the inner courtyard), S (a turnstile bars your way), INSERT COIN (you
go through to the outer courtyard), EXAMINE GATES (locked), W (bell tower), U (belfry), RING BELL
(the rope is broken), TIE ROPE (you ring the bell and the old man sees you... he opens the gate and
you descend to the courtyard), S.

CONGRATULATIONS.  You've found your way out of the castle.
Perhaps now you can continue your holiday before taking legal action 
against the land owners.

Taken from Dorothy Irene's site:

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