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Hotel Notell (Hotel_Notel_R_Baribault.txt)

Written by R. Baribault
Walk Through by Dorothy Millard (PC AGT Version)

You must put out of business the corrupt government of a city.
Walk Through
(Start in a bedroom with a bad headache), EXAMINE BED, EXAMINE MIRROR (you are naked), EXAMINE
(for a good time call Big Bertha), EXAMINE DRAWER (headache pills were under the paper), GET PILLS
(you take them and feel better), GET WATCH, EXAMINE WATCH (it is morning), SE (closet), GET CLOTHES,
comes and you enter), PUSH 1 (lobby), GET KEY (clerk won't let you), EXAMINE CLERK, EXAMINE
COUCH, LOOK UNDER COUCH, GET CHANGE, PUSH BUTTON (enter elevator), PUSH 5, W (to where the fire
alarm is), BREAK GLASS (alarm goes off in the lobby), E, PUSH BUTTON (enter elevator), PUSH 1
(lobby), GET KEY (in clerk's absence).

S (sidewalk), W (tavern), READ POSTER (wet T-shirt contest), EXAMINE BARTENDER, GET LIQUOR (you help
yourself to a bottle of wine), E, E, E, E (park), EXAMINE MAN (a bum), GIVE WINE TO BUM (he gives
you a pocketknife in exchange), EXAMINE POCKETKNIFE, E (center of park), S (public toilet), EXAMINE
Bertha), W, W, W, W, W, N (hotel lobby), EXAMINE PROSTITUTE, SHOW NOTE TO PROSTITUTE (gives you
Bertha's new number), GIVE MONEY TO PROSTITUTE (she takes your money and leads you to the
roof.. after "doing it" she drops a key on the roof and something down into the alley),
GET ROOF KEY, LOOK DOWN (you are afraid of heights but keep trying), LOOK DOWN, LOOK DOWN (see fire
escape), D (alley behind hotel), GET CONDOM, EXAMINE CONDOM, U (back to roof), E (stairwell), D, W
(fifth floor - must have key).

W (by room 501), UNLOCK DOOR (you walk in), USE PHONE (type the last four digits), 6831 (you get an
answering machine telling you about Big Bertha's House of Pleasure for Refined Gentlemen  -
note the room number 301), EXAMINE WATCH (should be around midday), E, E, PUSH BUTTON (enter
elevator), PUSH 1 (lobby), S (sidewalk), E, E, E, E, E (east side of city park where you will see a
protestor), EXAMINE PROTESTER, EXAMINE EVE, EXAMINE BABY (crying loudly), MAKE TOY (using condom -
quietens the baby... Jane says she will babysit and leaves you alone with Eve who says she could use
a drink), W, W, W, W, N (coffee shop), SIT DOWN (waiter comes up to you), BUY COFFEE (she tells you
the password to get into Roscoe's casino).

S, W, W (tavern), TALK TO ROSCOE (bar is closed until evening), E, EXAMINE WATCH (it is afternoon
and you must kill some time, so wander around until it is evening), EXAMINE WATCH (should be
evening), W (tavern), EXAMINE DOOR (the door to the back room is locked), KNOCK ON DOOR (a voice
asks what is the password?), SAGUARO (door unlocks and you enter the back room), EXAMINE ATTENDANT,
EXAMINE SLOT-MACHINE, INSERT COIN (you win and the attendant hands you a fifty dollar bill and a
validated casino membership card), INSERT COIN (keep trying until you win again and you now have a
$100 bill), E (hallway), E, N (vestibule where there is a building directory on the wall), READ
DIRECTORY (note the mayor's hotline).

N (sidewalk), E, E, E, E, EXAMINE SHRUBS (see berries), GET BERRIES, EXAMINE BERRIES, S (park), GET
CAMERA, EXAMINE CAMERA (has one picture left), S (east side of park), W, W, W, W, W, N (hotel), PUSH
BUTTON (enter lift), PUSH 3 (third floor hallway), W, KNOCK ON DOOR (you pay your $100 membership
and enter), EXAMINE MADAME, EXAMINE GIRLS (talking - note the police chief is there), USE CAMERA
(Chief Neil notices your clumsy attempt to take his photograph... you are handcuffed, searched and
taken to a jail cell), EXAMINE CELL, TALK TO CELLMATE, EXAMINE CELLMATE (has a hood and was arrested
for preaching without a license), GET HOOD, EXAMINE HOOD, WAIT (until the cell door opens, you are
mistaken for your cellmate and escorted out... as you wait by the sergeant's desk he tells you
he will be back in a few minutes), GET PAPER BAG, N (sidewalk).

W, W, W, W, W, W, W, N (hotel), PUSH BUTTON (enter elevator), PUSH 5), W, OPEN BAG, LOOK IN BAG
(contains your possessions), GET KEY FROM BAG (which one?), ROOM KEY, UNLOCK DOOR (you enter room
501), USE PHONE (type the last four digits), 7373 (Mayor's hotline, but an appointment in eight
months is too long, so you decide to sneak in), GET WATCH FROM BAG, EXAMINE WATCH (it is night - if
you wander in the park during the night you will be attacked), SLEEP (when you wake it is morning),
E, E, PUSH BUTTON (enter elevator), PUSH 1 (lobby), S (sidewalk).

E, E, E, E, E (park), N, N, W, W, W, W (entrance to office building), S (vestibule), PUSH BUTTON
(enter elevator), WEAR HOOD, GET BERRIES FROM BAG, INSERT KNIFE IN KEYHOLE (substitutes for the
required key... you turn it to the on position... you enter the mayor's receptionists area, who
recognises you are the nut who wanted to see the mayor about a preaching license... she escorts you
to the waiting room), W (Mayor is pointing a gun at you), SQUEEZE BERRIES ON HOOD (creates a large
red stain and you play dead... the mayor leaves to get help to remove the body), OPEN DESK, EXAMINE
DESK, GET DIARY, READ DIARY (evidence that he has been accepting bribes), E (waiting room), PUSH
BUTTON (enter elevator), PUSH 1 (vestibule), N (sidewalk), E, E, E, E, E, E, E (eastern border of
city where you meet Tom and Eve), GIVE CARD TO EVE (first piece of evidence - that'll put
Roscoe away for a long time), GIVE CAMERA TO EVE (second piece of evidence), GIVE DIARY TO EVE (last
piece of evidence - with all three pieces of evidence now safely in the hands of  Attorney
General's Office, it appears certain that you and Eve have saved this city from the crime and
corruption that it was sinking into).


Taken from Dorothy Irene's site:

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