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Madcap Manor (Madcap_Manor.txt)

Walk Through with Dorothy Millard (Spectrum Version)

You are Inspector Le-Gles, the famous Belgian Detective and as a house guest of Lord Stingy, you
must recover a priceless ruby ring which has gone missing.

1. You can only carry three objects, the clothes you are wearing and anything else worn.
2. Don't ride the bicycle as the tyres and brakes haven't been checked and you will only
finish up in the lake.
3. Do not drop the open tin of dog food as it isn't possible to pick it up again.
4. Pushing the bell pushes located throughout the manor will summon the servants.  If you get a
message and no-one comes, just keep trying (see below).
5. After pushing one of the bell pushes it will take 25 moves before someone will come again for any
bell push or when you blow the whistle to call the dog.  Note if you type, for example BUTLER HELP,
this will be reduced to 8 moves.
6. If you leave by the front door before unlocking the back door you will see the message
"Tradesmen and Intrepid Adventurers use Rear Door" on the front door and will be unable to
re-enter because the back door is locked.
7. If you unlock the door north of the secret passage from the Billiard Room you will release the
Mad Relative and will find dead bodies throughout the manor.
8. You can get the starting handle to start the Rolls Royce but don't be tempted to drive it as
you will only die.

Walk Through
(Start curled up in bed), GET ALARM, SET ALARM, GET NOVEL, READ NOVEL (you sleep and dream... you
are Inspector Le Gles, the famous Belgian detective, and are spending a long weekend with Lord
Algernon Stingy at his manor house deep in rural England), GET UP, LOOK MIRROR, N (into dressing
room), GET CLOTHES, WEAR CLOTHES, S, E (into corridor where Lord Stingy tells you that his other
house guest The Dowager Lady Ditchley has had her priceless ruby ring stolen), E (you will need to
have been close to madness before you can open the door to this room - this refers to obtaining the
key in the secret passage, which is close to the Mad Relative), N (to junction in corridor).

E, N (into Arabian room), GET COIN, S, W, W, W, W, S, W (to cook's bedroom), W (into cupboard),
GET REST, E, E, S, D (to north end of great hall), D (into cellar), S (to wine racks), EXAMINE
BOTTLE (one is a different shape to the others), GET BOTTLE (the wine rack slides aside), E (into
secret chamber), GET NEWSPAPER, READ NEWSPAPER, DROP NEWSPAPER, GET CUE, W, N, U (back to north end
of hall), S, S, S, E, E (to Billiard Room), DROP COIN, W, W, W (to music room), PLAY PIANO, N (into
gun room), GET CHALK, S, E, E, E (back to Billiard Room), CHALK CUE, DROP CHALK, GET COIN, INSERT
COIN (in the meter and the light over the billiard table comes on), POT RED (you only tear the
cloth), POT BLACK (you miscue, the ball flies off the table and strikes a panel which swings open to
reveal a secret passage), N (into secret passage), N (into a north/south passage where there is a
key on a hook), GET KEY (note do not unlock the door north of here - see above), S, S (as you return
to the billiard room the panel shuts tight behind you sealing off the passage).

W, W (to great hall), DROP CUE (for later), N, W (to butler's pantry), UNLOCK DOOR, W (into
silver store), GET KNIFE, E, E, E, E, S, S (to dining room), PUSH BELL (Mrs. Crumble the Cook
billows into the room), HELP CRUMBLE, CRUMBLE HELP, GIVE KNIFE (that's sharp of you - she drops
a can of dog food), GET CAN, S, W (to great hall), DROP CAN, GET CUE.

U (main staircase), U, W, S (to wide corridor), UNLOCK DOOR, E (into master bedroom), PUSH BELL
(Mary the Upstairs Maid makes her entrance), MARY HELP, GIVE CUE (Mary the aspiring actress has been
waiting for a cue and drops a pair of trouser clips), GET CLIPS, WEAR CLIPS, W, N, E, D, D (to great
hall), N, E, E, S, S, E, E (to inglenook fireplace), U (chimney), U (to roof - note don't be
tempted to go further up as you will die), W (by window), LOOK WINDOW (you see a pair of khaki-clad
legs shod in long leather boots protruding from an easy chair), GET MIRROR (note don't drop it
as it will break), E, D, D, W, W, S, W (to great hall).

U, U, W, W, S (to old play room), PUSH BELL (Sophie the Scullery Maid slinks in), SOPHIE HELP, GIVE
REST (Sophie needed a rest and drops a tin opener), GET TIN opener, N, E, E, D, D (to great hall),
DROP TIN opener.

N, N, E (to buttery), N (the back door is locked), UNLOCK DOOR, DROP KEY, N (into back yard -
northeast is the garage and a rolls Royce - don't be tempted to drive it - see above), E (to
gravel drive), E, S, E, E, E (to gate), S (by lake), GET BICYCLE (don't be tempted to ride it),
N, E (churchyard), S, W (stairs), D (to crypt - note the broken trouser clip on the floor), W, W, W
(need to be wearing the trouser clips so a rat doesn't run up your trouser leg), W (to
junction), N (to where the passage ends at a heavy steel door - the message on the door gives a
clue, the mirror reflects and bicycle is the transport of delight, so must be carrying both before
the door will open), OPEN DOOR (you step through onto a small island), DROP BICYCLE, DROP MIRROR (it
shatters but you don't need it any more), GET AXE (leave the oar and fishing rod as they are
red herrings), S (to boathouse - ignore the dinghy), S, BOARD BOAT, UNTIE BOAT (you sail across the
lake to a path by lake), N, W, S (into summer house), PUSH BELL (The Amazonian Indian arrives),
INDIAN HELP, GIVE AXE (better than beads - he drops a corkscrew), GET CORKSCREW, N, W, W, N, W, W
(to back yard), S (through back door), E, S, S, S.

E, S (to smoking room), PUSH BELL (Fleet the Butler hoves into view), FLEET HELP, GIVE CORCKSCREW (I
need a drink - he drops a bosun's whistle), GET WHISTLE, S, W, W, W (to great hall).

GET CAN (of dog food), GET TIN (opener), OPEN CAN (note don't drop this as once opened you
cannot pick it up), BLOW WHISTLE (Bess the Curly-Coated Retriever pads up to you), FEED DOG (you now
see a threadbare teddy bear), DROP CAN (empty), GET BEAR, DROP WHISTLE.

E, E, E (to library), GET BOOK (of Latin translations), W, W, W, S (outside front door), READ PLAQUE
(says "Tradesmen and Intrepid Adventurers use rear door), D, E, E, N, E, E, E (to gate), E (to
churchyard), N (into Mausoleum), READ INSCRIPTION, TRANSLATE INSCRIPTION (using the book - "My
turn today, yours tomorrow" - note you can only drop the book in the library), S, S (to
church), PUSH BELL (the vicar comes), VICAR HELP, S (to bottom of bell tower), PULL ROPE, PULL OTHER
(rope), N, N, W, W, W, W, N, W, W (to back yard), S, S, W, S (to great hall).

W, N (to gun room), PUSH BELL (Old Sparrow the Gamekeeper stalks in), SPARROW HELP, GIVE TIN (opener
- he drops a shotgun), GET SHOTGUN, S, E.

E, E, E (to library), DROP BOOK, PUSH BELL (Maurice the Chauffer steers his way into view), MAURICE
HELP, W, W, W (to great hall).

N, N, E (to buttery), GET KEY, W, N, U, N, N, U (to top of stairs with a door north), UNLOCK DOOR
(Horatio Ian Stingy grabs the teddy and drops a cartridge, locking the door behind him), GET
CARTRIDGE, LOAD GUN, D, S, S, D, S, E, N (to back yard), E, E, S, E, E (to tall oak tree where you
see a squirrel on a branch running past a nest), SHOOT NEST (a black and white magpie flies out of
the nest which falls around you, together with other things - you see the ruby ring, but should
ignore the other objects), GET RING, W (you are congratulated by Lord Stingy and Lady Ditchley..... 
then the Mad Relative turns up....  What a nightmare).

You wake to find you are safe in you bed at home.

Taken from Dorothy Irene's site:

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