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Annabel Gray (Annabel_Gray_hints.txt)

Annabel Gray
by Anthony Lee

You play the part of Annabel Gray, a Southern belle who  is a nurse during the time of  the American
Civil War. During the spring of 1863, shortly after the battle of Fredericksburg, you received a
letter from your mother smuggled across Union lines from South Carolina. Your mother asks you to
return home to try and find a way of raising money, in order to pay the taxes to save Five Oaks.
During the journey you have to travel through Union territory, before you can reach Virginia. In
Richmond you will be able to board a train for Charleston in South Carolina.

This is a relatively straightforward game. 

Hints (Part 1):

You cannot get into one room until the next day, so sleep.

Getting to the tent is difficult. You need to get south of the mill, going in a semicircle. If you
don’t want to wander around forever, and since you are unable to map, here is a direct route from
the dell to the east (highlight to see it): go E, S, E, S, E, S, W, S, W, S, W, S. 

You need to WAIT in several locations.

Horses can get over barriers.

Part 2: 

Time is of the essence at the beginning. The first thing you need to do is find some cotton to sell.
Don’t leave Five Oaks until you have enough. Cassiopeia tells you about her brother, so rescue
him, and return to her cabin. To get past the guard, hide somewhere and make some noise. To get into
the Villefranche, don’t use the door.

WAITing is also needed in Part 2.

Terri Sheehan