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Zombie! (zombie_walk.txt)

Welcome to the "Zombie!" Walkthru file.

        This game gives you the option of starting with the prologue, which
is playable to a certain extent. Although it might be fun to read and
interact with, you cannot really do anything here. In fact, after 17 moves
the prologue will end and the main story will begin.

        You start out the main story in a real "duck-drowner" rain shower.
Your motorcycle is out of gas, and you are in need of shelter from this
storm.  Firstly, get your backpack from the back of the cycle. Then travel
northwest, northeast, west, west and you should be at the front door of the
mansion. A simple knock will allow entry. Go west to enter the mansion.
        Once in the mansion, it will give us a chance to open up our backpack,
and take a look at the cruel letter Valerie wrote to us. Anyway, we can
drop the backpack here. Go west and south to the parlor. There are a
couple of books in there that might prove interesting reading. Read them
both: one will provide a note written by one of the mad doctor's assistants.
The other will provide a formula for the anti-zombie serum.  This may come
in handy later.
        Go south from the parlor into the bedroom. Move the cedar chest to
reveal the child's toy, which is a puppet. If you put it on, there is a
terrible urge to remove it. We'll need the toy later. Go back north, then
west. Get the measuring cups. Dig around in the junk drawer: the first
time you'll get a silver gizmo, then the next time you dig you'll find the
directions to the cups. These may be helpful, but you may be able to figure
the cup puzzle out on your own.
        While we're here, we might as well find out what's in that Lazy Susan.
Turn it three times, then take a look at that pickle jar. It sure doesn't
look like pickles! Move those condiments out of the way, and voila! The head
wants to be attached to the gizmo, to allow him to talk. You might find that
Ed has a good attitude about life, and is fun to talk to.  He can also provide
clues about the house and its features with the ASK HEAD ABOUT XXX command.
Ed isn't absolutely necessary to the finishing the game, but man, he's fun!
        Anyway, where were we. Oh, yeah. Since we've got the recipe, let's
start working on the formula for the anti-zombie serum. Go north from the
kitchen to the dining room, and get the gelatin mold. Then let's go east,
east, then south to the cloak closet. Let's grab the umbrella, then go north,
east, and south. Move the tombstone. Go east into the graveyard. Wear the
puppet, then get the perfect rose. Go west, then southwest around the house.
Here is a place we can fill up the cups to measure exactly one ounce of
        To measure one ounce:  FILL 5. POUR 5 INTO 7. FILL 5. POUR 5 INTO 7.
EMPTY 7. POUR 5 INTO 7. FILL 5. POUR 5 INTO 7. Now you should have exactly
one ounce of water in the 5-ounce measuring cup. So I stole an old puzzle.
Too bad! :-) I think it's an oldie but goodie. Everything else here is a
red herring for the most part.
        Let's go back inside. (We're done outside for the moment.) Go
northeast, north, west. Drop the umbrella. You'll also need Valerie's
apartment key. Go west, west. Here on the table
you should see a gelatin mold. Let's start putting the ingredients in.
Pour the 5-oz measuring cup into the mold. Put the rose in the mold.
Two down, three to go.
        Now, dump everything except for Val's key. Go east, south, south
to the bedroom. If you go down (or into the chute) you will travel to the
otherwise inaccessible basement.  Get out of the hamper, and check out
(examine) the diabolic machinery. Examine it three times total (to get a
good look at it) and you'll find it not so menacing. Once you find it,
however, curtail your urge to examine everything because we are under a bit
of a time restraint.
        Open the dryer, then pull the dryer handle, revealing the lint filter.
Get the lint. If you have time, open the cabinet and get the gas. If you don't
have time, don't worry about it, we can get it later. Soon, the professor's
evil assistant Smedley will approach. Quick! Hide in the hamper! (A simple
HIDE command will suffice.) Smedley will push us into the room to the east.
        While hiding, now might be a good time to search the hamper. There's
something in here that our good Dr. Maxim will want. Eventually he will sit
down next to the hamper and start searching for something. Now would be a good
time to give him his hanky. Then simply wait for him to leave the room.
        When he leaves, take the sweat-soaked hanky (another ingredient!)
and get everything from the waste basket in the cabinetry. Ignore Amelia for
now. She will be a zombie until we manage to change her back. Open the window
and put the syringe outside (as well as the gas can, if you got it.) Then
proceed north.
        In the zombie storage room, we see a dumbwaiter that can provide us
access to the main floor again. Let's take a look inside that fuse panel.
Remove the fourth fuse and the first fuse, then put the first fuse in the
fourth socket. That should power up the dumbwaiter nicely. Remove the shelving
from the dumbwaiter, and that's ready.
        Then lets check out that funky sculpture. It seems to be keeping
the zombie hordes mesmerized. True, but if we power the structure down for
a second or two, we might just have enough time to grab it, and replace it
with Valerie's key. To turn it off, turn the dial to 17 and press the button.
Get the key. Put Valerie's key in the sculpture. Turn the dial to 6, and
press the button again. Whew!
        Now let's get in the dumbwaiter and flip the switch. Go back outside
and grab the stuff outside the basement window. Put the lint and the hanky
in the gelatin mold. Inject the syringe in there as well. Now that we have
all of the ingredients, the mixture should dissolve into a chartruese goo;
if not, check to make sure we've got all the ingredients.
        Fill the syringe with the goo. Then let's go down the chute or use
the door (the skeleton key fits it). Get the gas can, if you haven't already.
Go east, and inject Amelia with the syringe. Unlock her gilded cage with the
skeleton key. Great, now you've got a zombie horde following you. Quickly
high-tail it back to your cycle: west, up, east, east, southeast, southeast,
is the quickest way there. Open up your tank and put the gas in the tank.
Sit on your cycle, start it, and drive off!

        That's it.  I hope you enjoyed it.

        If you have any questions, feel free to contact me by email at: