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Soho Sex Quest (Soho_Sex_Quest.txt)

Malan Associates
Walk Through by Dorothy Millard (C64 Version)

(Start at the top of Wardour Street), GET UNDERPANTS, EXAMINE UNDERPANTS, DROP UNDERPANTS, W (wine
bar), EXAMINE BARMAN, GET BOTTLE (of wine), DRINK WINE (you see an open trapdoor, but don't go
down as it leads to the sewers where you drown), DROP BOTTLE (empty), E, E (outside sex shop), GET
STICK (walking), EXAMINE STICK (it has a button which operates a blade), INVENTORY (you have a
sword), GET BOX, OPEN BOX (a brass key falls out), GET KEY, DROP BOX (empty), E (inside shop), OPEN
TILL, GET NOTE (five pound - don't be tempted to go north as the game will conclude), DROP KEY
(for later), EXAMINE PICTURE, MOVE PICTURE (you reveal steps leading up), U (back store room), GET
CREAM (don't go south yet as you need light), LOOK ROOM (you find a box marked handles), D, E
(cabaret bar), OPEN DOOR (has no handle), ATTACH HANDLE, N (dressing room), GET RING, WEAR RING, GET

W, W, N, N (orgy room), JOIN IN (you get a dose of crabs), LOOK UP (see an observation post), LOOK
AROUND (notice another exit north), N (executive bedroom), CUT ROPE, DROP KNIFE, GET ROPE, S, W
(into a mass of bodies), E, N (edge of orgy), GET CAN (spray), SPRAY BALLS (to get rid of the
crabs), DROP CAN (empty), N, S, S, E, N, N, N (police station), PUSH BELL, N (rear entrance of
police station), GET BOOK, READ BOOK, DROP BOOK, N (restaurant), GET BOWL (of rice), EAT RICE (makes
you sick), DROP BOWL (empty), U (top of steps), W (Illegal Chinese gambling den), GET JOINT, SMOKE
JOINT, DROP STUB (of joint), EXAMINE GAMBLER, GET DICE (loaded - don't hang around as he will
wake), E, ROLL DICE (they show a four and a three), E (kitchen (the door is locked behind you
cutting off your retreat), GET VIBRATOR, LOOK AROUND (searching behind a cupboard you find a
window), LOOK WINDOW (you can't see anything through it), CLEAN WINDOW, LOOK WINDOW (looks a
long way down), UNLATCH WINDOW (it's now open), USE ROPE (you now have a piece of rope hanging
from the window), CLIMB DOWN.

S, S, S, S, E (shop), GET KEY (brass), U (store room), ON VIBRATOR (it is luminous and gives you
light), S (owner's living quarters), GET NEWSPAPER, READ NEWSPAPER, UNLOCK DOOR, DROP KEY, E
(alley - a mugger is here demanding money), HIT MUGGER (using your sword), DROP SWORD, EXAMINE
MUGGER (dead), GET WIG (leave the ratchet), E (heart of Soho), DROP VIBRATOR, DROP WIG, N, N, GET
SUIT (diving), E (changing room), GET FIFTY pence piece), U (dragon's lair - an old wizard
writes ETISHMAK with his magical rod... note if you go through the crack you finish up in the wine
bar near the beginning), D, W (swimming pool), SWIM, N, E, S, S, S (heart of Soho), DROP SUIT.

E, S (toilets - note if you go south the game ends), E, S (maze of back alleys), W, S, S, E, N, GET
CONDOM, S, W, S, GET POO (cats), E, E (a prostitute is here), USE TUBE (of cream), WEAR CONDOM, FUCK
PROSTITUTE (she takes your money and drops something at your feet), GET PASS (to club), DROP CONDOM
(worn out), N, E (outside club - a bouncer blocks the entrance so don't enter quite yet), S, W,
W, GET WIG, GET SUIT, N, E, E (treatment room - a display case is here), EXAMINE CASE (there are two
numbered dials), SET DIALS (to which numbers?), 4 3 (the case opens), WEAR SUIT, GET FROCK (green),
S (leave the Swedish blonde alone), S (outside club), E (must be wearing the diving suit and
carrying the pass), DROP SUIT, WEAR WIG, WEAR FROCK, S (transvestites bar), GET CARD (plastic),
EXAMINE CARD, N, DROP WIG, DROP FROCK, N (bondage room - leave the whip), S.

E (a sheet of glass blocks the way), EXAMINE GLASS (you find a small slot set into it), INSERT CARD
(it rumbles to one side), E (backstage area), S (stripper's dressing room), GET MATCH, N, N
(main road), W, N (garden), GET PILLS (vitamin), S, E, E, EXAMINE GARDEN (you find a break in the
northeastern wall), NE (back to main road), ETISHMAK (the magic word causes the cats poo to glow...
it explodes into millions of pieces leaving a diamond necklace in its place), GET NECKLACE, E
(outside front door of mansion - leave the cigar), LIGHT NEWSPAPER (you now see a burnt down front
door), N (you are nearly home - note east and west ends the game), EAT PILLS (what a waste of
time!), D (Turkish bath - don't be tempted to go down to stream room as you only get locked
in), U, N (the door opens... Zelda adores diamonds and calls you in), N (against all the odds you
have made it).

You're a man now!

Taken from Dorothy Irene's site:

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