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Energem Enigma, The (Energem_Enigma.txt)

Eighteam (Precision Games)
Walk Through by Dorothy Millard (C64 Version)

When low on air just CHANGE BOTTLE.

Walk Through
(Start in a clearing), INVENTORY (you have four oxygen bottles), EXAMINE PLANTS (the only
recognisable species is a cheese plant), GET PLANT, EXAMINE PLANT (an edible green leafy plant), S,
S, EXAMINE TRACKS (a small key has been trodden into the mud), GET KEY, S (north/south pathway),
EXAMINE WELL (see a handle on the side with a bucket hanging below it), EXAMINE BUCKET, GET FAGS,
GET HANDLE (the bucket crashes to the bottom of the well), EXAMINE HANDLE (rusty with a square end),
S, W, N, W (foot of mountain), U, W (hideaway), EXAMINE THINGS, GET POLE, S (grove - a portcullis is
set into a sheer cliff face), EXAMINE PORTCULLIS (there's a small square notch to one side),
EXAMINE NOTCH (a means of opening the door), INSERT HANDLE (from the well - it fits perfectly), TURN
HANDLE (the portcullis rises).

D (into a small cave), EXAMINE CHEST, UNLOCK CHEST (using the small key), OPEN CHEST, EXAMINE CHEST,
GET CRYSTALOMETER, EXAMINE CRYSTALOMETER (an instrument for detecting the presence of rare
minerals... it has a control panel and a plug socket), EXAMINE PANEL (five buttons), RED, GREEN,
BLUE, PINK AND BLACK), U, TURN HANDLE (the portcullis lowers), GET HANDLE, N, E, D, E, S, E, N, N,
N, N, N (edge of forest), W (deeper in forest), EXAMINE LEAVES (you uncover a lantern), GET LANTERN,
EXAMINE LANTERN (electric with an on/off switch), W (north bank of river), DROP POLE, E, E, S, S, S,
S, S, W, S, E, E, S (into a low damp cave), U (it's dark), ON LANTERN, U.

W (altar), READ INSCRIPTION, EXAMINE ALTAR (a jewel encrusted stone bench with a statue at one end),
EXAMINE STATUE (it has six pairs of arms and is wearing a helmet), GET HELMET, EXAMINE HELMET (it
has a slide down visor with a cable attached to the side and a plug on the end... don't try to
get the statue as this is fatal), WEAR HELMET, PLUG CABLE (it fits perfectly into the
crystalometer), E, S (edge of underground river), DIG (you uncover a tin), GET TIN, EXAMINE TIN, S
(you are swimming in an underground river - don't go east as it is your demise), N, N, D, D, N,
LANTERN OFF, E, DROP FAGS, E (small clearing), EXAMINE FIRE (remains of camp fire - you find a book
page), GET PAGE, READ PAGE (crystalometer manual).

W (west bank of river), DROP PAGE, DROP KEY, DROP HANDLE, EXAMINE TRACKS (not made by any animal),
FOLLOW TRACKS (they disappear into some bushes), EXAMINE BUSHES (you uncover an old boat), EXAMINE
BOAT (needs repair), W, W, W, N, E, N (well), GET ROPE, N, N, N, N, W, W (north bank of river),
EXAMINE RIVER (fast flowing), GET POLE, VAULT RIVER (using the pole), W, CLIMB TREE, IN (inside the
large hollow tree), E (underground tunnel), EXAMINE ROOTS (of the tree - from the roots oozes a
sticky tar like substance), GET TAR (in the tin), D (into an earthy cavern), N, N (old dormitory),
DROP ROPE, N (ante-chamber), EXAMINE BOXES (find a magnet), GET MAGNET, EXAMINE MAGNET, S, S, S, U,
W, OUT, D, E (you are getting low on air), CHANGE BOTTLE, VAULT RIVER, DROP POLE, E, E, S
(clearing), DROP LANTERN, S, S, S.

S, W, S, E, E, E, GET PAGE, REPAIR BOAT (the page from the book and the sticky tar make the boat
waterproof), PULL BOAT (you give it a hard tug... it slides down the river bank and settles in the
water), GET KEY, GET FAGS, GET HANDLE, IN (you are sitting in a boat), N, N, N, N (you enter a
whirlpool... you are thrown clear but the boat is broken), W (edge of a shallow pool), DROP MAGNET,
S, S, E (far end of passage), UNLOCK DOOR (using the key), OPEN DOOR, IN (to a cave full of boxes),
EXAMINE MAN (there is a cloud of smoke above his head caused by his compulsive chain smoking), GIVE
FAGS (grateful for at last getting some real cigarettes he gives you the chain he has been smoking
and leaves), EXAMINE TABLE (find a pair of boots), GET BOOTS, WEAR BOOTS, S, W, N, N (edge of
shallow pool), DROP KEY.

N, E, E (mine), EXAMINE PUDDLE (murky), GET WATER (in the tin... you see a trapdoor), DROP TIN, OPEN
TRAPDOOR, D (into a dark cellar), DIG SAND (you disturb some of the sand that rises into the air and
forms itself into a witch), EXAMINE WITCH (there's a label wrapped around it's middle),
READ LABEL ("CHEESE & PICKLE"... must be a sandwitch!!), GET WITCH, DIG SAND (you
uncover a lever), PULL LEVER (a slab of rock slides down from the ceiling), U, E (to where the walls
are well shored), GET BASKET, EXAMINE BASKET (it has a flapping lid).

W, W, W, W, U, N, N (animal's lair), SET TRAP (using the basket and cheese plant... you see a
mole trap), WAIT, WAIT (you see a mole), WAIT (the mole is tempted by the bait and wanders into the
trap), GET MOLE (captive), N (into the maze of tunnels), S, S (you see a caved in exit), RELEASE
MOLE (it scurries off and digs through the blocked exit), DROP BASKET, GO TUNNEL (to the main road
of a small village), S, S (warrior's home), EXAMINE WEAPONS (the spirit of a brave warrior
appears), GIVE CHAIN (the ghost takes the chain, rattles it a few times, and gives you a beach ball
before disappearing), N, W, S (family home), EXAMINE TOYS (the only unbroken one is a small pipe),
GET PIPE, EXAMINE PIPE, PLAY PIPE (Indian music), N (village road (a bridge is west), EXAMINE CRANK
(used to lower or raise the bridge... there is a small square notch to one side), EXAMINE NOTCH,
INSERT HANDLE (it fits perfectly), TURN HANDLE (the bridge lowers), E, E (sandy shore), DROP BALL,

W, W, W (across the bridge to the steep ravine), W, N, W, W (north bank of river), GET POLE, VAULT
RIVER, W, CLIMB TREE (you are getting low on air), CHANGE BOTTLE, IN, E, D, N, N (old dormitory),
EXAMINE MATTRESS (smelly), PULL VISOR (it slides down), PRESS RED (button), PRESS BLACK (button -
crystal detected), LIE MATTRESS (you notice a red crystal hanging from the ceiling), PLAY PIPE
(mystical Indian music fills your ears and the rope rises upwards), DROP PIPE, CLIMB ROPE, GET RED
(crystal), S, S, U, W, OUT, D, E (south bank of river), VAULT RIVER, DROP POLE, E, E, S (clearing),

E, E (across the bridge), E, E (sandy shore), GET WITCH, GET BALL, EXAMINE BALL (deflated), BLOW
BALL (to inflate it - note the tide is out... don't go north or you get caught by the sand
monster), WAIT (the tide comes in), N (note you must have the inflated beachball... you are on a
small island by a lighthouse), IN (to the ground floor), EXAMINE TABLE (behind the desk sits a
hungry lighthouse keeper), GIVE SANDWICH (he scoffs the lot and gives you a paperweight), U (second
floor), EXAMINE BEDS (see a toolbox), EXAMINE TOOLBOX (there's one screwdriver in it), GET
SCREWDRIVER, U (lightroom), EXAMINE CABINET (glass - it opens for easy access to the light), OPEN
CABINET, SLIDE VISOR, PRESS GREEN (button), PRESS BLACK (button - crystal detected), EXAMINE LIGHT
(the source of light is a green crystal), GET GREEN (crystal), ON LANTERN, PUT LANTERN (the lamp
shines brightly in the cabinet - note if you don't do this the lighthouse keeper won't let
you leave with the green crystal), D, D (ground floor), OUT (small island), BLOW BALL (because it
has a slow puncture and must be inflated again), S (beach), DROP BALL, W, W.

W (across the bridge), W (clearing), DROP GREEN (crystal), S, S, S, S, W, S, E (narrow ledge),
EXAMINE LEDGE (see a large nest), EXAMINE NEST (contains one egg), GET EGG (an eagle swoops down,
snatches it from your hand and replaces it in the nest), PUT PAPERWEIGHT (it settles nicely next to
the egg in the nest), SLIDE VISOR, PUSH BLUE (button), PUSH BLACK (button - crystal detected),
EXAMINE EGG (an egg shaped blue crystal), GET BLUE (crystal), W, N, E, N, N, N, N (clearing), DROP
BLUE (crystal).

E, E, E, N, N (into the maze of tunnels), E, E, S, S, D (small gallery), E, S (to where the clock
is), EXAMINE CLOCK (grandfather - a large clock with a large face... it has a recess on the front
and a keyhole on the side), EXAMINE FACE (there is an inscription in the centre held in place by
four screws), READ INSCRIPTION, GET KEY, INSERT KEY (into the clock), TURN CLOCK (it starts
ticking), EXAMINE RECESS (very spacious... there are nine cogs and a pendulum), UNDO SCREWS (using
the screwdriver), DROP SCREWDRIVER, REMOVE FACE (behind it was a large hole), EXAMINE HOLE (there is
a metal panel with a plate of similar material inset), GET MAGNET, REMOVE PLATE (using the magnet),
crystal detected), EXAMINE JEWELS (16 red and 1 pink), GET PINK (crystal - the crystalometer bleeps
and a recorded message says "All crystals found... go to the underground transporter tube and
prepare for transport"), N, W, U, N, N, N, S, S, GO TUNNEL (main road).

S, W, W (across the bridge), W (clearing), GET RED (crystal), GET GREEN (crystal), GET BLUE
(crystal), S, S (you are getting low on air), CHANGE BOTTLE, S (to where the well is - make sure you
are wearing the boots), D (bottom of well), PUSH BUTTON (your body is scanned and you are

You have successfully completed the ENERGEM ENIGMA.
You are now being transported back to the Professor's Laboratory.
When you arrive you will be sent for de-briefing.
The four energy crystals are going to be used in the Professor's latest top secret invention.
Will it be you who is sent to test it?

Taken from Dorothy Irene's site:

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