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Day Trip (Day_Trip.txt)

Walk Through by Dorothy Millard (Spectrum Version)

(Start in front of a crowd of people watching Zed Lepplin doing a gig), INVENTORY (carrying
nothing), EXAMINE CROWD (they are too freaked out to notice you), GO STAGE (a bouncer throws you
back), LISTEN BAND, GO BACK (back of crowd - note don't examine the rubbish as if you do you
look like a drunk and are dragged off to the cells from where there is no return), W (in front of
hot dog stand - note as you have no money don't try to buy or get one), E, E (tent), EXAMINE
CHEST, GET CHEST (can't), OPEN CHEST (it is full of old clothes but don't be tempted to
wear them or you will finish up once again in the cell), EXAMINE TEAPOT (full of magic mushroom
tea), EXAMINE CUP, POUR TEA (into cup), DRINK TEA (transported to magic mushroom forest).

U (top of giant mushroom), GET CORKSCREW, EXAMINE CORKSCREW, D, W, N (lost in magic mushroom
forest), GET POISON (toadstool), S, E, E (mushroom-cutter's hut where you meet a dwarf), D
(dwarf won't let you), GIVE POISON (toadstool - dwarf dies), D (cellar, door closes behind
you), EXAMINE DOOR, GET BOTTLE, EXAMINE BOTTLE (full of mushroom spore), EXAMINE WINDOW (see
mushroom forest and if you wish you can go throw the window), N (hydroponics unit where there is a
tray of earth), EXAMINE EARTH, EXAMINE TRAY (stuck to the floor), OPEN BOTTLE (using corkscrew),
PLANT SPORE (grows into a beautiful golden mushroom), EAT GOLDEN (mushroom - you are in the golden
dream house, full of untold wealth and women with arthritis in both hands... you are a real jammy


Taken from Dorothy Irene's site:

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