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Martian Crypt, The (martian_crypt.txt)

The Martian Crypt - by Scott Cabit and Ryan Sambrook (Tom Mix Software/Novasoft, 1985)
Dragon 64 and TRS-80 CoCo
Walkthrough by Juan Duc

Note 1: This game does not accept the usual (N)orth, (S)outh, (E)ast and (W)est shorthand most text
adventure games use and makes you type Go North, Go East, etc. each time, but you can also move
around using the cursor keys, so in this solution when you see N, S, E, W, you can just go there by
pressing the appropriate arrow.

S, W, Dig hole, Get box, E, N, N, E, E, Dig hole, Get diamond, W, W, W, N, Examine cliff, Examine
crack, Go crack, N, N, Read plaque, W, W, W, Give diamond, E, S, Say amore, S, Examine stalactites,
Say amore, Get stalactite, S, S, W, Get crown, E, N, N, N, Say amore, N, W, Give crown, E, E, E, Pry
plaque, Use stalactite, Get ruby, E, Say amore, E, Throw stalactite, E, Throw ruby, Go door

Note 2: Now you are in front of the wall. If you Examine the wall it will try to mislead you into
thinking it can be climbed, but it's a trap. If you type Help, the programmers give you a clue
in a very humorous and ingenious manner: listen to the tune. It's Van Halen's

Say amore, Jump


"You have used 59 moves."