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Dragon-Hoard (Dragon-Hoard_walkthrough_c64.txt)

Walkthrough by Alex Dijkstra for the c64

A lot of encounters and fights are random in this game so an exact walkthrough is difficult to

5 - put first firefly into bottle
5 - put second firefly into bottle
5 - 3x swim find hilt
5 pull hilt
5 give cinnamon to hamster >get key
50 - killing the dragon
10 – open the secret passage
15 – kiss the prince/princess

Objects and their uses

-Bones: Not needed.
-Bottle: Put the fireflies inside to see in the dark.
-Cinnamon: Give it to the hamster to obtain the key.
-Coals: Not needed.
-Diamond: You can take it with you but it is not needed. 
-Hilt: Pull it to retrieve the sword from the pond.
-Jewels: You can take them with you but they are not needed.
-Key: Needed to unlock the door.
-Sack: Supposedly to carry more objects, but I did not need it.
-Signpost: warns you falsely not to enter the pond.
-Stick : not needed.
-Sword : use it to fight the lumberjack and the dragon.


-How can you get the sword?
Swim 3 times in the pond and pull the hilt to release it from the mud.
-How can you see in the dark?
You have to catch two fireflies and put them in the bottle.
-How can you enter the shack?
You need to get the key.
-How can you get the key?
Give the cinnamon to the hamster.
-How can you escape the shack with the sack?
Kill the lumberjack with the sword. 
-How to end the game?
Kiss the prince or princess. The game does not end but you do get the maximum score. 
-How can you learn the code word to enter the secret room?
Climb the mountain and listen to what the prince or princess tells you through the hole.


-Enter your name. You need this to open the secret passage.
-Enter your sex. I suppose this is meant to define whether you have to rescue a prince or princess,
but both worked. 

E, S, SWIM, SWIM, SWIM (you notice a hilt in the mud), PULL HILT (you obtain the sword), E, E, GET
BOTTLE, find the locations with the fireflies. when you encounter one type GET FIREFLY, PUT FIREFLY
IN BOTTLE, you must catch both fireflies to see in the dark.

Go to the location with the cinnamon, GET CINNAMON, find the location with the hamster, GIVE
CINNAMON TO HAMSTER (the hamster brings you a key), go to the shack, UNLOCK DOOR (with key), OPEN
DOOR, S, KILL LUMBERJACK WITH SWORD, GET SACK, N, NW, NW, NW, wait until you hear the prince/princes
talk through the hole, SW, SE, E, N, 

You encounter the dragon. If he asks you if you come to bring him treasure or if you are his lunch,
you can answer him SAY TREASURE or SAY LUNCH but in the end you have to fight him. KILL DRAGON WITH
SWORD. The fight is random. If you want to increase the chance of winning the fight you can enter
the machinecode monitor and change the value of location 9696 to FF. In CCS64:
-Press Alt+M
-Type M9696 followed by enter
-Change the first value to FF followed by enter
-Press esc to return to the game.

NW, GET DIAMOND, GET JEWELS, NE, SE, W, SAY KNOCK KNOCK (this is what you heard on the mountain.
Who's there?), SAY the name you entered at the beginning (a secret passage open), SE, KISS
PRINCESS (if you are male else KISS PRINCE), SCORE (100 points).

Congratulations you have won.

If you like the frog you can KISS FROG or if not you can SMASH FROG but that is not needed.