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From the Tower of Valagon (From_the_Tower_of_Valagon.txt)

Complete walkthrough of the Sinclair QL text adventure 
"From the Tower of Valagon" (1988) by Alan Pemberton, published by 
CGH Services.

get holdall, exam holdall (reveals purse), get purse, 
exam purse (reveals coin), get coin, sw, s, s, 
u (one of the pursuing orcs get killed by the tree), d, get orc, n, 
exam brook (you get a fish), n, ne, se, e, s, se, 
exam rubble (reveals trapdoor), open trapdoor, d, ask edmund to follow, wait, 
wait, wait, wait (orc cries fade into the distance), u, nw, n, w, se, se, 
give orc to giant, s, sw, se, e, s, give coin to oracle, 
ask oracle to read orb, n, w, nw, u, u, wait, wait (a knife just misses you), 
get knife, cut fish (you get a pebble), give pebble to edmund, 
ask edmund to attack dwarf, exam dwarf, get key (dwarf runs away), 
unlock door, enter, 
read letter (mentions Valagon has moved to the palace at Hirin), u, s, 
exam box, get coin, get maggot, get photo, n, d, nw, d, n, give coin to troll, 
e, e, e, ne, se, n, ne, exam piles (reveals knot hole), put maggot into hole, 
w (the hut crosses the river with you both inside it), get rake, 
ask edmund to stay, e, ne, n, nw, w, w, drop rake, wait, 
wait (elf comes out and steps on rake), enter, n, n, get loaf, wait, 
wait (you are taken away to prison cell), climb out, e, n, e, n, w, n, w, w, n, 
give loaf to guard, wait, wait (pecking birds leave nothing left of the guard), 
e, exam utensils, climb into pan, wait (you are taken to the top table - 
congratulations, everyone lives happily ever after ... you have scored 100%)

You do not need to ask Edmund to stay in the shed as I do in this walkthrough. 
He can accompany the player until the end of the game. It's just that it's a bit 
easier navigating through the rest of the game (in particular the labyrinth) 
without having to scroll through his frequent messages.

There is a Minatour which is found if you go the wrong way inside the labyrinth, 
although the player will get killed on entering that location.

You can meet the troll much earlier in the game on the east side of the rickety 
bridge, but as he requires two coins at that point it seems you can't get past 
him until you get round the other side of the bridge later on, when he then 
accepts just one coin.

The giant's den is blocked after you feed him the orc. You can see what happens 
in there if you wait after you have fed the giant, although this results in the 
player getting killed.

If you do (or fail to do) anything which makes the game incomplete-able then you 
get a warning that you are "stuck up a gum tree". The "help" command tells you 
that there is no way out of that situation.

In a modern Sinclair QL environment (e.g. QPC2 emulator), you may find the 
original boot loader does not fully clear the screen, leaving remnants around the 
edges. Also as the game loads instantaneously on a modern system, you may not see 
the title screen as originally intended. This can be fixed by making a modified 
copy of the boot loader. A WINDOW command can be added matching the resolution 
you are using to ensure the CLS command clears the entire display. Also a PAUSE 
command can be inserted to allow the title screen to be seen when loading the game 
as shown below. You can still get the benefits of running the game on a fast setup, 
rather than slowing the emulation down.


20 MODE 8:WINDOW 512,256,0,0:PAPER 0:CLS
30 COPY flp1_title TO scr
50 EXEC_W flp1_val_obj