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Merlin's Castle (merlins_castle_ESM.txt)


There are many different routes to take which will produce a solution to the puzzle. It is not
possible to give precise details of a particular solution, since the objects are placed randomly in
each game. However, the general principle is to clear one area at a time, bringing all the objects
that you find back to the starting point and then dropping them there. You can then tackle the next
area. Here is one way which you could try. 

To begin, explore the immediate environment of the grassy bank, but do not attempt to go south
across the river. You will probably find an apple, a ladder, a key, a harp, a mirror and some cake.
You may find a lamp. Take each of these as you find them, go back to the grassy bank, and drop them
all there.

Take the ladder. Go west. Use the ladder before trying to get over the wall, and then go west. Once
over the wall, go straight south to the wood cutter's cottage to get the axe. Go back the way
you came to the grassy bank, and drop the ladder.

Take the cake, the key and the harp. If you list what you are carrying, you should see that you have
the cake, axe, key and harp. Go north. You must use the axe to get past the trees. Go north again.

At the crossroads in the maze, go west. Use the harp to play a tune for the trolls. Go north, then
east. Take the gold in the treasure room. Go east. Use the cake for the hungry giant. Use the key to
unlock the way south, then go south.

Go west, and south three times back to the start. Drop all.

During this journey, you will have seen a broom and a penny. Take the axe, and go back again and get
them. You might need the cake and the key as well. Do not attempt to go north from the crossroads in
the maze, or east from the mountain. They are both traps.

Collect the broom and the penny, and then go back to the main crossroads, and drop all. You have now
cleared the section to the north, so save your position, and restart by loading your old position.

The next task is to find the lamp, if you haven't already done so, in which case it is probably
south of the river. To cross the river, you need a plank, which will be somewhere in the north-west

At the grassy bank, take the key and the ladder, and then go west. Use the ladder to climb the wall,
and go west. Once over the wall, go north. Use the key to unlock the gate. Go north to collect the
plank. You will probably find some water as well. Take them both. Don't attempt to go past the
snake at this stage. Instead, go back to the start, using the key for the gate and the ladder for
the wall. Once you are back at the grassy bank, drop all, and save your position.

Take the plank and go South. Use the plank to cross the river and explore the neighbouring locations
until you find the lamp. Avoid the witches. Return to the grassy bank, using the plank to cross the
river. Drop everything and save your position.

The ring is probably in the South Eastern corner. Take the broom, the lamp and the water and go East
as far as you can. Use the broom to clear the cave entrance and enter the cave. Use the water to put
out the dragon's fire and go South. At the crossroads you must use the lamp to light your way.
East and West are both traps. Go South and collect the ring. Go back and drop everything at the
grassy bank. Save your position.
Now take the ring, key, ladder and the apple, and go West. Climb the wall and go North as far as
possible. Use the apple to get past the snake and go North. Take the emerald and use the ring to
clear the exit. Take everything back to the grassy bank and save your position.

Now to find the Wizard's lair. Take the plank, mask, rope, mirror and penny and go South. Use
the plank to cross the river. Leave it at the South bank so that you can pick up new items as you
find them. Use the penny at the toll gate and go South. You will need to find a spell before
tackling Merlin. It may be in the coach house. Leave the penny in the courtyard and go South. Use
the rope to get past the goblins and go West. You should find some silver; use it to distract
Merlin. Return to the courtyard, drop the silver and go South again. This time use the mask to
disguise yourself and go East. Use the mirror to get past the old woman. You should have the spell
by now. Go West.

You are in Merlin's lair. Take the pearl and use the spell to turn Merlin into a frog. Go North
into the hall and North again.

You are probably carrying too much to pick up the penny, so drop a couple of items. Take the penny
and go straight back to the grassy bank. Don't forget to use the plank to cross the river.
Leave everything but the plank and penny and go and collect the remaining items from the courtyard.

When you have done this you have solved the mystery!

You should have avoided all the traps. Most of these give clues and are useful for persuading
children to map their progress, and to save their position.