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Into the Mystic (Into_the_Mystic.txt)


This adventure has nothing to do with the Van Morrison song of the same name, but starts 
off with you trying to work out how to avoid a gang of orcs.

I, tear smock, S, examine moat, soak cloth in oil, S, in, close door, oil hinges, out, N, N, 
shout, S, S, in, close door, wait, out, search rubble, get torch, N, N, N, light torch, S, S, E, 
E, NW, in, get cloak, examine cloak, wear cloak, turn cloak, SE, W, W, N, N, search ashes, 
examine stone, clean stone, read writing, rub stone, get coin, examine coin.

E, W, N, N, E (monastery), in, in, look under bed, search basin, out, E, in, examine 
trapdoor, out, W, out, SE, search grass, S, NW, N, E (monastery). N.B. from here on it's 
essential to avoid the bandits who roam around Dark Wood. So before every 
directional move in or near the wood, ring the bell. E, E, E, S, search straw, get 
knapsack, examine knapsack, put coin in knapsack, put soap in knapsack, get cake from 
knapsack, examine cake (a huge clue), get cloth.

NE, E, N, in, search cave, put cloth in knapsack, get bottle, out, SE, W, W, S, eat cake, 
open trapdoor, drink liquid, in, put all except torch in knapsack, drop knapsack, get barrel, 
out, D, drop barrel, kick base, roll barrel south, U, in, get knapsack, out, D, get base, S 
(you're sucked through the barrel), W, get coin from knapsack, insert coin, spin wheel, get 
brooch, examine brooch, E, N, N, N, N, examine tapestry, read writing ("Circle to circle 
will trap the rays of the sun"), examine steps, stand on middle step, run West, N, NE, NW, 
NE, NW, NE, NE, N, examine door, count studs (the reference to 10 in the door clue 
means deduct 10 from the numerical position of the letters S, O and S again in the 
alphabet), press 959 (the door opens).

In, examine block, examine effigy, swap base for shield (a panel opens)  U, open trapdoor, 
U (mausoleum), out, west, out, get bell from knapsack (and don't forget to keep ringing it), 
E, E, E, E, in, get soap from knapsack, put soap in fountain, pop bubble (this is why you 
needed the brooch - there's a chance element here, so keep popping until successful), 
examine toad (a clue). Out (don't forget to ring the bell), E, N, SE, W,W, S, D, S, N, N, N, 
N, stand on middle step, run West, N, NE, NW, NE, NW, NE, NE, N, in (back to the 
warrior effigy).

Wear knapsack, get bottle from knapsack, drink liquid, E, N, SE, N, turn habit, put bottle 
into knapsack, get wand from knapsack, in, examine hole ("create a fine old English
put toad in hole, out, N, put brooch in knapsack, get cake from knapsack, get boots, wear 
boots, eat cake (repeat until large enough to get the key), unlock door, put key in knapsack, 
get bottle from knapsack, drink liquid, out, sw, put sandals in knapsack, get cake from 
knapsack, eat cake, jump river, U, wave wand, U (all the way to the mountain top), in, 
examine skeleton, put shield on circle, move skeleton, get nugget, N, talk to dragon, give 
nugget, get brooch from knapsack, cut dome, look through hole, turn off switch.You're 
whisked back to your cottage to be thanked by Merlin for your services to magic. 100%.

A Wibble and Blim production for The Classic Adventure Solution Archive

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