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Time Quest - Review

Review by Sudders


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Once again the inlay writers were slack and this game is not set in a house full of wonderful objects, you don't have to get to the front room and there is no time limit that I could make out (although it does count turns).
What this is is a treasure hunt to help the good natives from the 'land of the friendly people', and why wouldn't you want to help people from a place like that?
You must discover their seven treasures, which are contained in three different areas (bringing in the time travel element I suppose), which entails finding magic words to take you to the next stage.

This is a rather sweetly, good-natured trek with no peril but a fair bit of thinking. With just under 70 locations there is a decent amount to explore and lots of objects to interact with. In fact this is part of the charm of this adventure's DNA, there lots of things you can move (or any of a number of alternative verbs required) and many of them achieve nothing more than an additional description. There are also a number of places you feel sure you could go further if you just had the right object (a machete for instance).
It only took me a few days to finish this (although I did have a day off) and I did feel compelled to keep coming back to it after going away for a think. A little hint for those who like to get their 100% at the end, you can pick up and drop the treasures more than once to bulk up your score. Yes. I know that's cheating!

This isn't an amazing adventure by any means, but I found it enjoyable enough and will continue the trawl through my collection of 'double play adventures'.

Parser/Vocabulary (Rating: 6/10)

Two word input, there is a very wide range of verbs required which was fun trying to determine what it should be (although one I just had to look up out of a frustration).

Atmosphere (Rating: 5/10)

Probably the game's weakest area. The descriptions are quite decent, but it lacks a bit in suspense or pressure.

Cruelty (Rating: Merciful)

The most easy going adventure I have ever played. I didn't die once, so saving was unnecessary, and I can't think of even one place where it might be possible to die!

Puzzles (Rating: 6/10)

Nice, simple and logical. As already stated a few are merely linguistic, but it's quite pleasing to ease your way round.

Overall (Rating: 6/10)

A pleasantly charming little adventure, probably best suited to newer adventurers or those of nervous disposition.