"Even The Devil Must Die" text adventure

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"Even The Devil Must Die" text adventure

#1 Post by catventure » Fri May 22, 2020 4:23 pm


"Even The Devil Must Die" by Mark Hancox (c)2003 Interactive fiction retrogame is ready for playtesting.

As an agent for Death PLC you are recruited to assassinate the Devil himself!

This is an offline, parser-based text adventure and runs on Windows XP and above. (English language)
Conversion with "Thinbasic Adventure Builder" by catventure May 2020.

Download link for test version: http://tab.thinbasic.com/etdmd_test.zip

**Special Note: When starting the program it's possible that some virus checkers may produce a "false-positive" warning. You may need to tell your antivirus software to create an 'exception' for the game app in order to allow it to run** - Thank you.

Happy Adventuring
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